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The Iranian Pen Club letter to UNAMI

Dear Mr. Madhu Acharya

Respectfully, we would like to acknowledge that the Iranian Pen Club is consisted of those ex-members of the MKO who managed to free themselves from the mental and even physical The Iranian Pen Club letter to United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraqbarriers of the Organisation. The main object of the Association is of course to try to help the previous comrades in such way that they be able to free themselves too and start a decent normal life again along with their families and beloved ones.

Fortunately , after the downfall of Saddam Hussein’s reign , The Former Dictator of Iraq, and relative political stability in this country , there has been begotten a new atmosphere of freedom, and respect to human rights in various grounds in Iraq, particularly for detainees and prisoners. There are field visits by civic and human rights organizations as well as international and local advocates of those in prisons and detention centers across Iraq. But why this issue and human rights violations in the castle headquarters of the People’s Mojahedin in Ashraf?

It has been nearly three months that elderly parents with broken hearts and tearful eyes are looking forward to meet with their children in front of Camp Ashraf have been on sitting so the MKO leaders allow them access to their children inside the camp. But the refusal of the MKO to allow family interviews between those who came from Iran to Iraq to meet with their children is a violation of divine laws and international laws recognized all over the world.

According to all international laws and norms it is acceptable for immediate families to visit their loved ones in any circumstances. But as you know, The Mojahedin Khalq do obey only their own internal laws, which are different from the rest of the world.

Leaders of MKO said in their announcement that UNAMI is inside Camp Ashraf. If so, why UNAMI has not come to the gate of Camp Ashraf to see these families who are waiting to meet with their children, what is going?

While we support the families in front of the gates of camp Ashraf and the efforts of your Excellency, demand a stronger involvement of UNAMI in the human rights violations inside Camp Ashraf and more cooperation from United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees And the Iraqi government for the families and parents to meet with their children who are prisoners in Camp Ashraf.

With many thanks and regards

The Iranian Pen Club
Postfach 90 06 63
51116 Köln

– Embassies of Iraq in Germany , France and Swiss
– Relevant MEPs
– Office of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maleki
– US State Department

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