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Letter of the Iranian Pen Club to President Sarkozy

‘ mso-fareast-font-family:”>Letter of the Iranian Pen Club to the The President of the French Republic President Nicolas Sarkozy  As you may well be aware the MKO is considered as a terrorist cult by many governments and establishments around the world. This organisation is utilising psychological techniques to mentally manipulate its own members in order to make them commit deeds they would not perform in normal status.  For example in 2003 when the co-leader of the MKO, Maryam Rajavi was arrested for few days in France, eleven members of the organization set themselves on fire in front of the French embassies in several countries and two of them were killed as a result.  It has come to our attention that some EU parliamentarians have called for the removal of PMOI ( MKO, NCRI, etc.) from the EU terror list. It would be an awful blunder to yield to such irresponsible calls.  We think Contrary to its private statements, PMOI has not denounced violence and terrorism publicly. In fact the group’s glorification of violence and terrorism remains as a major security threat to our EU citizens.Therefore, Combating terrorism requires close monitoring of terrorist groups like PMOI ( MKO, NCRI etc.). Is it not wise to surrender to the deceptive tactics such groups employ in order to abuse your legal and legislative systems?  We have known this Terorist cult for many years up close in Iraq and European countries . we request and urge that you and the EU Council to not yield to calls for leniency toward terror groups like MKO or PMOI.  With many thanks and regards  The Iranian Pen Club  Postfach 90 06 63  51116 Köln Germany  iran-ghalam@hotmail.com   00491759726840  00491639087523  Ghalam (Pen) Association, Germany, June 21, 2008

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