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An End to the Presence of Terrorists in Iraq

Iraqi Prime Minister Dr. Nuri al-Maliki, in an interview with Al-Iraqia TV channel, pointed to the presence of some foreign terrorist groups in Iraq and reported of his government’s decision to crack on these groups: "in the process of rooting out terrorists, there are difficulties and complexities but we are determined to finish their presence in Iraq with the help of our security services."

In this interview, broadcast on August 7, 2006, al-Maliki referred to his government’s security strategies on terrorist groups, and in response to the question that "what are the achievements in the field of security?" he said: "in fact, we have not achieved all our goals because the plan has different phases. In the first phase, we achieved what we wanted, the most important of which was the destruction of safe houses of terrorists and arresting them. This was a very large scale operation and its message for terrorist was that we are determined in our work and that we will root them out with our national plan."

"In the second phase of this plan, we go to different regions to clean them from terrorist groups and then we rebuild the place to make it suitable for living," he added.

"This plan will be followed by security services and terrorist will be hunted. In the past, they were able to stay in our country. Some of these terrorists are Iraqis and some others are foreigners. Of course, there are difficulties and complexities in the way of fighting terrorism but we are determined to end the presence of terrorists by the help of our security services. Some of these terrorist groups try to occupy some parts of Iraq but our security services are able to be successful in their operations against terrorists.

IranDidban – 2006/08/12

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