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A Viewpoint on MKO’s Presence in Iraq

Dr. Latif Vakil, Iraqi prominent author, in his article "Democracy or Intifada of Sha’banieh" in Bizturkmeniz website, has discussed current situation of Iraq and policies of the US.

Elsewhere in his article, he writes: "If one looks at the policies of the US, he will laugh at the issues; for instance, the MKO is considered a terrorist organization according to international and US laws. The US should extradite the terrorists of MKO to Iran before asking Iran not to support terrorism, because these people (Mojahedin-e Khalq) are 100 percent terrorists."

He also adds that:

"Had not Saddam supporters and mercenaries infiltrated the current government, there would be no place for people like MKO and others that were involved in suppressing Iraqis’ uprisings in 1991."


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