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Control of The Power

The organization even inside itself had the children who were studying at schools work in ordinary jobs. After a time, in their own relations, they introduced ranks to them.

Children before reaching their teens, most of them being under influence, wore military uniforms and fought  together with the Rajavi’s forces against the enemy.

It is essential for the organization to make its supporters adopt the ideals they bore as their own, appoint a target for them, make them stronger and try to protect them against being disconcerted by taking every kind of precaution. In this way it needs to make use of the energy of its supporters at the ultimate level.

However, the organization tries to remove its supporters from their homes by cutting their family bounds because in their opinion family relations alienate the supporters from the organization and fighting.

Consequently, in their opinion, family is a factor which weakens one in fighting. For them, people who leave their wives or husbands and children to join the organization have ideological superiority over the others.

These are presented as strong people. In connection with people who have family loyalty and emotional relations are accepted to make up the weak power.

Because these feelings become permanent in time by means of the family and cause problem in the organization. But the people who labour in the organization in spite of their family relations are respected highly. In this case, the organization carries out the control duty of the individuals in the family and the affairs of the organization are accomplished with the help of them.

People who intend to fight and struggle join the organization by means of communications and several charms and become permanent forces.

But most of the forces are attracted with more complex methods and the targets of the war are appointed to them in the organization. The life styles of the people who join the organization change in many ways.

The organization treats the people who haven’t joined them yet tenderly and emotionally as a result of their experience. But after they join the organization, walls are built all around them and their roads to return are blockaded.

In fact, there are not any ways other than joining the Organization for the individuals. In the organization the members have to betray and torment their wives in order to prove their authority and loyalty on the subject of divorcing.

Also had a similar strategy followed in his prisons. He told the prisoners to kill or torture their warrior friends for their repentance to be admitted.


Download Control of The Power
Download Control of The Power

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