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MKO’s Stalinist Power Structure

The failure of Russian Bolshevik revolution is an evidence of the fact that misusing power will not :”Power Corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.” This is the fact that Massoud and Maryam should definitely considered .bring justice and freedom to the society. As a revolutionist figure, Stalin couldn’t maintain his promises and so-called ideas for a classless society. He based a dictatorship where the people were deprived from their basic human rights but similar to many other totalitarian systems his tyranny didn’t last so long.

In 1980’s ,after Islamic revolution in Iran, Mujahedin Khalq who were seeking a position in IRI’s power structure lost their support among Iranians, they fled to France and Iraq. Massoud Rajavi, as the main leader of MKO, who did not succeeded in Iranian Presidential Election was still ambitious to achieve power in Iranian political scene so he founded his cult of personality. He launched his serial ideological revolutions, forced his cult members to divorce, to leave their children and family life and to leave any kind of private life.

He formed a world where truth and love are forbidden. Rajavi succeeded in making the individuals empty of their human characteristics. The individuals are devoid of “Joy of life”, so they are always anxious and agitated about their future. They can never trust others even their family members or friends. These manipulated individuals can no more be critical about their leaders’ acts. The individuality is totally denied in MKO and this is a disastrous danger that risks the humanity and lives and future of at least 3500 people who are victims of MKO cult in Camp Ashraf, Iraq or Camp Maryam France.

As George Orwell describes the cult-like society in his book “1984”, the party slogan says “He, who controls the past, controls the future”. MKO is today’s parallel to the society George Orwell shows in his book. The slogan of the party represents exactly what’s going on in Rajavi’s cult. The manipulation techniques of MKO cult are the best tools to control members’ past, present and future, by forcing them to deny their individuality.

The most recent evidence of their practices is the hysterectomy surgeries they force women to bear. In the isolated atmosphere of Rajavi’s Cult, where sexual relations are forbidden, hysterectomy is a way to control members’ future. But George Orwell concludes his novel, when he sees the true dangers of historian Lord Acton’s (1834 – 1902) statement:”Power Corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.” This is the fact that Massoud and Maryam should definitely considered  .

By Mazda Parsi

[Nineteen Eighty-Four (often abbreviated to 1984) is a classic dystopian novel by English author George Orwell. Published in 1949, it is set in the eponymous year and focuses on a repressive, totalitarian regime. Orwell elaborates on how a massive oligarchical collectivist society such as the one described in Nineteen Eighty-Four would be able to repress any long-lived dissent. The story follows the life of one seemingly insignificant man, Winston Smith, a civil servant assigned the task of perpetuating the regime’s propaganda by falsifying records and political literature so that it appears that the government is always correct in what it says. Smith grows disillusioned with his meager existence and so begins a rebellion against the system that leads to his arrest and torture.]

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