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Iranian Oppositions, US’s Burnt Cards

Al-Ahram Newspaper on Monday pointed to the efforts of the U.S. to use Iranian opposition groups for its own goals against Iran and said these groups are "burnt cards" in US’s hand.

"It seems that U.S. President George W. Bush didn’t take lesson from what has happened in Iraq and can’t exit from its current framework of wrong logics," Al-Ahram added.

Sami Al-Qamhawi wrote that Bush, following his practices in Iraq, tries to use Iranian opposition groups to achieve the goals of Washington.

"Meanwhile, all evidences indicate that Americans’ dreams are far from coming true, because there is a big difference between Iran and Iraq, either in the number of opposition groups and in ruling system of the country."

Egyptian writer, Qamhawi, reminds in his article that the U.S. started supporting Iranian opposition groups, particularly those in Europe and U.S., a few years ago; these groups now try to take the same role Iraqi oppositions had in encouraging the west to attack Iraq.

"This is not the first time the U.S. prepares propagandistic activities for Iranian opposition groups," Qamhawi adds.

"This is not restricted only to propaganda in the West; Iranian opposition groups are also trying to expand their activities through internet and U.S.-based TV stations.

U.S. efforts indicate that Washington is not aware of Iranians agreement with their leaders especially on the nuclear issues."

Qamhawi concludes: "What’s important is that the U.S. is ignoring the fact that current government of Iran came out from ballot boxes."


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