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Albanian ID Cards Issued Soon

Albania ID Card

Iran-Interlink: The following report from Albania marks a significant step in the lives of the MEK members brought to that country after being expelled from Iraq. On arrival in Albania, the MEK members were not issued ID documents and remain stateless, undocumented individuals. This state of affairs can be ignored as long as they remain the slaves of Maryam Rajavi, isolated and totally dependent on the MEK organisation for their accommodation, food and all other needs. But those hundreds of members who rejected the MEK’s control and freed themselves from the cult, have had to struggle to gain work and residence permits that allow them to integrate into ordinary society in Albania. This new legislation will make this path much easier. Moreover, this new unique permit will enable MEK members still trapped in the clutches of the camp, an escape route. They should be assured that life outside the cult will be the positive option:

Albania Minister of Interior, Blendi Çuçi

Albania Minister of Interior, Blendi Çuçi

Minister Çuçi: Foreigners who want to work in Albania will be provided with a unique permit with only one application procedure

TIRANA – The Minister of Interior, Blendi Çuçi, has shown how the procedures will be simplified for foreign citizens who want to stay and work in our country.

During his speech in the Assembly, Minister Çuçi revealed the innovations of the new draft law and said that foreigners will be provided with a unique permit and there will be a single application procedure.

“With the new legislation for foreigners, we are creating easier procedures for residence permits, avoiding the bureaucracy that in many cases had become an obstacle, especially for special investors and the workforce. This draft law addresses one of the shortcomings, integrating the provision of work permits and residence permits into a single document. It will be called a unique permit. Thus we guarantee a single application procedure for foreigners who intend to stay and work in the territory of the Republic of Albania. This is a very important step, which guarantees foreigners a single application procedure, saving time and money. Foreign citizens who apply for residence for employment reasons through this law, will be directed to only one immigration counter, and will submit only a single file”, said Çuçi.

Dosja AL, Tirana, Albania – Translated by Iran Interlink

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