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Mostafa fell in to the MEK’s trap in London

Mostfa Foroughi left Iran for England to continue his studies in London, in 1980. He was in contact with his family during the first year that he was going to university there.
“The phone calls stopped after a year”, his brother Mohammadreza Foroughi says. “I was in Germany at the time. I tried to call his friends to get some news about him. A friend of his told me that Mostafa was not going to university anymore because he had been recruited by a group called Mujahedin Khalq.”

Mohammadreza was shocked when he realized that his brother was taken to Iraq by MEK. His mother had awfully missed Mostafa. “I could manage to pursue the case of my brother via international bodies but we just made sure that he was in Camp Ashraf, Iraq. We were not allowed to contact him,” Mohammadreza says.

Mostfa Foroughi brother

Mohammadreza Foroughi

During the past years, the Foroughis have written several letters to human rights bodies and to Albanian authorities. They also write open letters and send videos for Mostafa to persuade him to leave the Cult of Rajavi. However, they have not been able to contact him for thirty years now. The bad news is that their mother died in 2015 while she was awaiting the release of her beloved son.
Today, Mohammadreza is still hopeful to see his brother someday. “Please liberate yourself! Live like a free man!” he writes in his recent letter to Mostafa.

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