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Where does really the legality of a fight to achieve power come from?

Naturally, for those who consider public opinion as the criterion for their legality or those who pretend as so in their propaganda, the legality of their struggle is due to the people’s support either direct or indirect.

It’s obvious that in societies where people can freely declare their idea the legality comes out of vote boxes but they don’t stop declaring their idea when the situation is not provided. The historical experience during all eras and in all nations has proved that if the people trust you, they declare their sympathy and support in any possible way. And, about this issue Lenin (if I’m not wrong) says:”while choking condition people vote with their feet.”

Therefore, if you are popular and if there is no way for declaration of public support, at least they whisper about you.

But there have been individuals and movements whose struggle against current regime has had no link to people’s opinion and their supposed legality came from their ideology and belief. Whenever the methodology of the ruling regime opposes their principals, that individual or movement needs to fight. Again if I’m not wrong ,Hassan Sabbah [the leader of Assassin cult who struggled against Arabic and Turkish occupiers of Iran] says:” the majority does not prove the legality”. here I want to protest against some of my dear friends who defected from Rajavi’s cult. Perhaps because of some apparent similarities between Hassan Sabbah’s group and a mercenary of Saddam or a low-ranking agent of foreigners [MKO], they compare them together. Even according to the confessions of the enemies of Hassan Sabbah, he was doubtlessly a great person looking for the independence of Iran from under the York of bondage of Caliphs of Bagdad and Turkish Seljukian.

At what I’m protesting is the proper “comparison”, since this comparison without regarding what its conclusion is, credits a servant whose serving role in two recent decades has been proven. So I have to say that: Hassan Sabbah whether rightly or wrongly ,”castrated” his followers in order to expel the foreigners but the servant “castrated “ in order to bring the foreigners and this is the substantial difference that no similarity can remove it.

Mujahedin does not fit any of the two parties (which both were in Iranian history) not the party that views legality as a fruit of majority and not the party of which the struggle is resulted by some principals based on an ideology and a doctrine.

MKO is neither Stalin nor Che guevara.

MKO is MKO. They are hypocrites since their main characteristic is working for foreigners so hard that they can’t seem to live without foreign support. Thus the main reason or factor that has made a hypocrite movement of them is their services to foreigners not for example their power seeking ambitions.

As I mentioned before, their propaganda claims that they have great support among people to deceive public thought and as they have always claimed “returning the right of governing to people is their main cause for struggle”.

The last time, one of the she-mercenaries of cult’s supreme leader, noted this case was yesterday.

The servant’s wife, as a deputy of him, declaring her satisfaction and appreciated the authorities for the ruling of British court based on removal of MKO from terror list, and also appreciating some parliamentarians (Lords or Commons) said that the terror label is an “injustice” against Iranian “people” and their ‘’resistance’’.

From the other side, she claimed that the principal solution for the West and Israel to achieve their strategic goals in the region and Iran is the removal of terrorist label from MKO.

The words of that low-ranking servant, makes this question in our minds that how it is possible that MKO is in terror list and this act is an “ injustice “ against Iranians but that nation not only protested this “injustice” but also they (about 70 million) didn’t say a word about it.

Can the Iranian Regime prevent people from whispering? if it is so , as the servant’s wife pretends, today that the court ruled that MKO is not terrorist ,we should witness the Iranians’ cheers of happiness because of the removal of the only obstacle in the way to freedom…not 70 millions people, should 7 million of them do that? How about 120 thousands people of 1.2 million Iranians living in the United States, I mean about 10 percent? How about 1 pecent, 12 thousand Iranians? Although the number is too small to show the attention of 70 million Iranians population for the destiny of “their” resistance, if even this small number in reality didn’t witnessed Aunt Maryam’s words we should ask that what kind of legal, just resistance it is that even a very tiny part of Iranian population pays no attention to its being or not being in terror list. The truth is that the majority of Iranians don’t know any thing about it.

Did the same nation remain un- informed when Mosadeq [the Iranian prime minister who nationalized Iranian Oil Industry during Pahlavi ‘s period] won the judgment in Den Haag Court?

Aren’t they the same people who declare their ideas and discuss President Bush or President Ahmadinejad’s speeches or Iranian Nuclear programs in their parties inside or outside Iran?

Why don’t the people discuss the denunciation made by MKO (spies!) as an “honorable” position taken by the ‘’righteous’’ resistance?

The Iranians talk about everything such as mark or type of toilet paper but not even a word about MKO and even if a person starts talking of MKO they will just insult it. So what kind of link is between a nation and an organized resistance with a forty-three year old history? It is a link that can only be seen by Rajavi.

But what is viewed by the others is that the resistance takes the signature of Western citizens using any kind of deceit and lie in order to solve Iranian problems!

If there was such a link, was it hard for the Iranians to show the world their support for their resistance?

Of course if there was really such a link and support, MKO wouldn’t need to lobby British court and parliaments and Iraqi cafés to look for support. The same nation could fund MKO thousands times as much as the money given to it by Western and Iraqi Intelligence Services. They could also dedicate their lives to MKO and Maryam.

Given, according to what MKO says there is a choking situation in Iran, how about abroad? Where are the people, who came to the streets in America and Europe while students’ uprisings in Iran in 1998, where are the people who called the TV and Radio stations and cried or shouted cheerfully …

Why don’t they come out for MKO?

Why don’t they show any sympathy for the disappearance of resistance leader?

But they actually have a feeling towards MKO and those who are like MKO, The feeling of hatred to a mercenary.

The Tude Party which was perhaps the biggest political socialist establishment in Iran during an especial period of time lost its base among people, because it didn’t engage to people. It is dead and it’s not important how late its dead body is wondering. MKO is the same as Tude. Their historical flight to Iraq graved a significant date on their tomb. Now, if not only 35 members of British parliament but also all members and all western countries including Israel (for whom the MKO is doing its best) gather together to shout hooray for MKO, the Iranians have no sympathy for them. If not only Fox News but also all American Israelis, Bengali… Medias publish propaganda for MKO, the Iranian people hate them. They can make no change in the hearts of Iranians who once gave their beloved children to MKO.

The people may forgive crime but they won’t forgive treason and betrayal.

Therefore whenever we witness that Iranians (at least a part of Iranians) have sympathy for MKO, then they can link their words to them…

But there is no more sympathy for MKO since wherever a nation had sadness Mujahedin cheered happily and wherever a nation had happiness they were sad. [After September 11th tragedy ,the mko terrorists shouted cheerfully in camp Ashraf! ]

While Saddam Hussein was killing and bombing Iraqi and Iranian people, MKO was cheering hooray and gathering intelligence for him.

Whenever they came to the streets cheering and dancing for their soccer team, MKO did its best writing letters for the removal of the team and prayed for the enemies of the team.

When the poor Iranians worry about financial sanctions MKO sends congratulations to those suffering people. When the people hear that the relations with western government are becoming normal and no war is on the way, they become happy while the MKO goes to a deep depression.

MKO is now polishing the boots of westerners instead of ruling over Iranians. They are so poor that if a retired sanitation worker from the west supports them, they put the news in three locations on their websites. None of these Lords, commons and courts equals the support of an Iranian Sanitation worker and if it was so the Mujahedin were not trying in vain.

Thus, when not only one person; only one person is ready to gather signatures for MKO or to come to the streets. Does MKO think that even after a war against Iran and after supposedly the removal of Islamic Regime, Iranians will welcome them?


Hamid Zartoshtnya

Translation: Nejat Society

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