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MKO; Ideology Vs Ideology – 2

History has seen various ideologies that generally have been of the closed type. The most famous ideologies “Liberalism “ , “ Marxism” and “ Religion” are significant examples of closed ideologies that undemocratically view themselves as righteous.
Mujahedin Khalq Organization is the living instance of closed ideologies
The followers of such ideologies have prepared superficial answers to every question. They simply formulate and solve the most complicated problems of the world and never see any ambiguity or mistake in their analysis. The leaders of closed ideologies are not knowledgeable enough although they have enormous claims of helping humanity. They don’t believe in necessity of challenge, research and efforts to progress in their path. Thus their absolute approach and their non-dimensional view lead them to decline.

Mujahedin Khalq Organization is the living instance of closed ideologies which fanatically sticks to its cult-like doctrine. Justifying all phenomena along with its objectives, MKO represents a thought of which the social function supposes the absolute right of understanding the truth for itself and never believes in exchanging, choosing or adapting other thoughts. The consequence of closing the doors against external thoughts or communities is the declining situation in which MKO is trapped now.

On the opposite side, the supporters of open ideologies view problems relatively, dynamically and depending on phases. Although they believe in the righteousness of their values and ideas, they see themselves as responsible for moving toward growth of the values they are constantly reconstructing, elevating and flourishing.

The absolutism of MKO ideology has led it to an irrational society without variety of thoughts and a cult of personality.

The type of relationship between human and ideology has caused violence and tyranny in MKO. The closed ideology of MKO wants the human for the ideology so the members of Mujahedin serve their ideology.

That’s why they see an undemocratic legitimacy in their social and political functions.

The leaders of mujahedin and especially Massoud Rajavi do not recognize the knowledge and will of individual human beings denying their rights to decide for their own future. That’s the substantial characteristic of their closed ideology which ends in the cult of personality around Massoud Rajavi. For MKO change, evolution, perfection and continuous growth have been replaced by fossilization and dogmatism.

Thus, one cannot see any change in the cult-like system organized in MKO or in MKO’s language toward its supporters or against its dissidents. Although Maryam Rajavi makes too much effort to draw a democratic, modern progressive image of its organization, the reality, based on testimonies and evidences, proves the opposite fact.

By Mazda Parsi

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