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Terrorism, Weapon to Achieve Political Goals

There have been reports on MKO’s unofficials stance on renouncing armed struggle strategy. Some time ago, we also heard news on passivism of non-Mojahed members of NCRI. These sign may be related. We even heard that putting NCRI’s name on terror lists has been intensified. Since the NCRI was the only cover for the MKO, they decided to renounce armed struggle to be able to get out of defensive position.

For 24 years, MKO used terrorism as a means for getting to its political aims. They used it as a strategy that had no alternative. During 24 years, they blocked all other opposition groups; they delayed the victory of opposition group for 10 years by following the line of terror and suppression in Iraq.

Mojahedin, in the years when their armed strategy went to its peak, tried to legitimize armed battle through their non-Mojahed members; this was how they used it to serve their political goals.

Whenever they wanted to prove its strength and power, MKO conducted a series of terrorist operations inside Iran; then, they introduced it as their own popular base. This was, in fact, one of their repetitious methods. Many innocent people were killed in these operations of Rajavi, but he used them for his own political aims.


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