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MEK: Brainwashing members to achieve organizational goals

MEK self immolation

The Mojahedin Khalq Organization is a group from which ISIL and suicide attacks have emerged.

MEK is the first group to launch a suicide operation and calling themselves role models for terrorist groups, claiming that members of the organization sacrificed their lives for the organization without any expectations, and the leadership of this group sacrifices the lives of its members for their own desires.

Suicide operations are the least done by the members of the group, and in 1971, Ahmad Rezaei, one of the leaders of the organization, started the first suicide operation, during which 30 members of the organization were asked to sacrifice their lives and do this violent manner and end their lives.

MEK continued their bloody operations even after the revolution and assassinated the revolutionary figures of the Islamic Republic of Iran, but they wasted their lives in a dark and endless way.

MEK claimed human rights, but the lives of the members of the organization are too insignificant to them that they not only accepted responsibility for their suicide operations but also threatened to do so again.

Saleh Rajavi, Massoud Rajavi’s brother, says that: “when thousands of people are willing to sacrifice their lives for the organization and its goals, then let them call us terrorists, and how can thousands of people who sacrifice for the freedom of their people be called terrorists?”

Yes, when members are forced to obey the orders of the organization without any authority and by brainwashing, they are not able to make decisions. To the extent that they were given cyanide tablets so that they would not be arrested alive in operations so as not to disclose information about the organization.

In 2003, when Maryam Rajavi was arrested in France, a large number of people protested against her arrest, declaring that they were burning themselves, the Parisian newspaper wrote that: “Before and after the self-immolation, several reporters were contacted on their cell phones, and the foreign relation spokesperson announced them the name of the person who wanted to set himself on fire.”

Interestingly, after the self-immolation, one of the Mojahedin offers the reporter a better photo of the self-immolation, and the Mojahedin filmed and photographed these scenes and posted them on their site, but after a while, they removed them from the site page due to bad feedback.

The organization uses different names to impress itself in the public mind by deception, and this is the imposition of a lie on its audience, and the individual suffers from multiplicity in the mind.

MEK went so far that due to their unpopularity among the Iranian people and the opposition groups, announce themselves as representing the majority of the people to the point that they hired a number of foreigners to be presented at their annual conference and gave them the flag of MEK to show that their number of supporters is more than the reality.

Even regarding the self-immolation of individuals, two members of the organization, Mahmoud Alemi, and Hossein Amini Gholipour, encouraged individuals to carry out self-immolation operations.

The interesting thing is that out of the 10 people who set themselves on fire, three of them were members of the political branch not from the military branch that would be a definition of being a soldier that feels like it is his duty to burn himself.

In 1984, France deported a number of members to Gabon, where they went on a 40-day hunger strike until the French government had to return them.

What is very prominent among the MEK is the spirit of sectarianism, which is very outdated, and the Mojahedin even decided to carry out suicide operations because they do not care about the lives of the people and seek to do things that will make a noise in the world, they even decided to carry out suicide operations in Karbala and even trained the women of Camp Ashraf in Iraq to carry out suicide operations there.

A 2009 report stated that the MEK praised suicide and always carried cyanide tablets with a leather cover around their necks, and swallowed a pill immediately if caught on missions. Also Rajavi called all members of the organization living martyrs, and among all the actions they took, self-immolation was the most common type of suicide and self-immolation became a tool, and even when members of the organization were prevented from leaving, they set themselves on fire, and the cause of death of disobedient members who had been killed under torture was declared a suicide.

All this goes back to the tortures and brainwashing that were inflicted on members, otherwise who is willing to sacrifice his life, which is his most important and valuable asset, to achieve the worthless human desires of a man introduces himself as the leader of the group and a claimant of human rights.

One of the tortures was that members of the organization were locked in solitary confinement and given a leaflet declaring their support for Massoud Rajavi as the leader of the group, and the individual had to repeat these sentences to himself to never forget it. Can a cult that violated every kind of human rights call itself a democratic group?

Jack Turner, geopolitica.ru

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