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Covid-19 In MEK Camp – Needs Urgent Intervention

defectors of MEK un Albania

Honourable Director of Albania’s Immigration Office

We would like to inform you that we, a group of former members of the MEK Organization, are concerned about the situation of our former friends who are currently members of the MEK.

During the outbreak of COVID-19, the organization keeps its members in a closed area, which makes the conditions more dangerous for the spread of this disease among people.

You are aware that this organization has closed relations, a has all the characteristics of a mind control cult.

The people who live in this cult collective do not have access to the free world and medical centres. This raises our concerns about the health and wellbeing of the people living in the Manez camp.

In the current situation, with the threat of COVID-19, the lives of these people are in danger. Unfortunately, this organization does not care about the lives of these people.

Due to the dangerous conditions inside the camp and the irresponsible behaviour of the cult leaders towards the lives of the members, we issue this warning, and we call for the prompt intervention of the relevant authorities of your country and Albanian human rights organizations to take control in order to save the lives of these people.

Respectfully: A group of former MEK members

Hassan Heyrani

Abdolrahman Mohammadian

Ali Hajari

Reza Slami

Moosa Damroodi

Gholamali Mirzaei

Parviz Heydarzadeh

Reza Mezginejhad

Hassan Shahbaz

Malek Baitmshaal

Gholamreza Shekari

Ehsan Bidi

Bager Mohammadi

Copy to:

Honorable President of Albania

Prime Minister of Albania

Albanian Ministry of the Interior

Albanian Ministry of Health

RMSA Organization, Albania

United Nations Office, Geneva

Survivors of MEK in Albania, iran-azadi-albania.de

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