Urgent call on all judicial authorities and the international communities and the media

A number of families of the members caught inside the Rajavi cult in Iraq have been picketing for nearly nine months in front of the cult’s base called new Iraq garrison (previously Ashraf) demanding to meet their seized loved ones.Sahar Family Foundation once again warns about a humanitarian catastrophe occurring within the cult and inside Ashraf garrison

After three months of sit-in, given that the cult leaders prevent any sort of contact of the families with their loved ones, they decided to use megaphones to let their relatives learn about their presence outside the garrison.

Despite the fact that the distance between the families outside the main gate of the garrison (Asad Gate) and the members being caught up in sectarian settlements was large, but cult leaders installed hundreds of powerful speakers inside the base and established strong regulations prohibiting domestic traffic at three kilometers from the sidelines of the garrison and other restrictions applied, to prevent families communicate with their loved ones.

After many approaches and repeated requests from the Iraqi government, some of families were allowed to be stationed at the South Gate of the garrison and they could call their loved ones using speakers.

According to the information received from within the garrison by Sahar Family Foundation, the voice of the families has been heard by the trapped members inside the garrison and this has had a great impact on them and they have even questioned the leaders on the lies about the presence and intention of the families.

The information suggests that the cult leaders had even decided to move people to another place inside the garrison to prevent them hear the voice of the families, but in terms of moving settlement was very difficult and it would create more questions among the members they did not do so.

News also indicate that the cult leaders intend to open clashes with Iraqi forces in order to let a number of their members being killed and injured in this way and then Rajavi can temporarily overcome controversial problems inside his cult and stop the internal protests taking place.

Rajavi also has threatened that if he cannot go out of the current impasse, on the end of the term he would create "species of Ashura" for the members. This means that like many cults in the past such as Jim Jones cult in Guyana and the cult of David Koresh in Texas, Rajavi would destroy all members of his cult.

Sahar Family Foundation once again warns about a humanitarian catastrophe occurring within the cult and inside Ashraf garrison and calls on all Iraqis judicial authorities and international conventions as well as all the media to act on this issue to let the families meet with their loved ones before the occurrence of such a human tragedy.

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