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Interview with Alireza Einakian, MKO former member- Part1

Mr. Alireza Einakian could manage to run away from Camp Ashraf after midnight of September 7th 2010. His escape was successful due to his courageous innovate plan. The following is the interview with Mr. Einakian by Sahar Family Foundation:

SFF: what does an MKO member do in a typical day in camp Ashraf?
Mr. Alireza Einakian could manage to run away from Camp Ashraf after midnight of September 7th 2010.
Mr. Einakian: There are some general programs to plan the members’ daily schedule so there is so little time left for members’ personal affairs. Since the wake up time in the morning – which changes according to the season – until lunch time, you have to work continuously. After lunch there is a short break time, then you should attend the meetings in the afternoon. Then its exercise time and then the members should have dinner. After dinner, members might attend meetings again otherwise they have to listen to special tapes. Thus, at the end of a working day, you are so exhausted that you just fall asleep. There will be a great problem if you are supposed to stand guarding at night! The mentioned schedule is carried out on weekdays but in the weekend (Thursday and Friday) the plans change. The members believe that the weekends’ schedule is worse than that of weekdays because they have to attend numerous meetings held one after the other. It is so bothersome.

SFF: How about manipulation meetings and the reports members are supposed to write?

Mr. Einakian: Everyday when you attend Current Operation meetings, you should write about at least three or four sins you committed before attending the meeting, during the day. If you write nothing or very few facts about yourself, you will be criticized by your peers in the meeting.
The "layer meetings" are held every other day.
You should attend them while you have certainly written a report. In case you haven’t written a report, you will be the subject of the meeting; you will be insulted and at the end you will have to sign an engagement letter to promise that you will bring a report for the following meeting.
On Thursday afternoon, they usually hold a weekly brainwashing meeting in which members of the same rank should attend. Every individual should read his sexual moments [moments of sexual thoughts]for his peers and make a conclusion. I usually tried not to listen to the others’ facts after reading my own ones because while listening to their sexual thoughts I myself would have sexual thoughts too.

SFF: in order to prevent members from escaping the camp, what obstacles have the organization imposed?

Mr. Einakian: To bar the members from runaway, they control all departures and arrivals to the complex at night. You cannot simply leave the building. On the other side, the commandants have some control systems to control members, especially low-ranking members. The control is particularly heightened in collective ceremonies. There are also some patrolling cars to control all trafficking in the camp. When the Iraqis are closer to the members, they increase guards to stop the members from joining Iraqi forces. The male commandant of each unit is constantly present to prohibit any escape.
They have highly restricted trafficking in street 100 in order that they can prevent escaping from the cult. Members should traffic in groups of at least two people. They have forbidden trafficking at night.
In the collective meetings where Massoud speaks to the audience, he claims that anyone who leaves MKO is the regime’s spy who breaks the saint oath so he will turn in to pig. He actually tries to frighten the members.
They say that the defectors are taken to Hotel Mohajer which is a center of corruption and in which IRI’s intelligence agents wait for them to turn them into spies. That way they frighten the members and put them under pressure. Thus the members are always in an internal, mental fear of leaving the camp.

SFF: how did it go on July 28th and 29th 2009 when the group’s members encountered Iraqi forces?

Mr. Einakian: Generally when something is signified as "Red Line" in MKO, it means that you should never pass the Red Line. Last year, on July 28th and 29th , the entry of Iraqi forces to the camp had been defined as "Red Line". Iraqis arrival in the camp was like a taboo. On the other side, there were Iraqi forces that were determined to enter the camp in order to install their police station. The authorities of Camp Ashraf didn’t want to let them come in the camp. They didn’t want them to know about what was going on in Ashraf.
That was the start of clashes. When the members were ordered by their commandants to prevent Iraqi forces from entering the camp, the clashes began and lasted until night and ended with the death of eleven residents of Ashraf.
In my opinion the only person who is responsible for the death of those people is Massoud Rajavi since the main line of such a reaction [to Iraqi forces] was under his order. Female commandants of Ashraf including Mozhgan Parsaiee control various sect of the camp. They analyze those incidents saying that they have to stop Iraqis from getting into the camp otherwise they can install everywhere in the camp and we cannot deter their influence.
Actually, they were afraid of the member’s easy access to Iraqi police. They even forbade the members to go out of their units when Iraqis finally were able to arrive in the camp. They forbade any contact with Iraqi forces.

Translated by Nejat Society

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