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MKO’s Case in New Judicial Phase

Judge Jafar al-Moosavi, the chief prosecutor of Iraq’s High Criminal Court, said: "Principal legal measures have been taken against the MKO."

In an interview with Aswat al-Iraq, he added: "After documents and evidences were collected on MKO’s involvement in killing Iraqis and plundering their properties, the case is now in judicial phase."

"American forces can’t protect the MKO against Iraq’s judiciary, which seeks the punishment of the group."

Stressing that Iraq’s judiciary will not give in to pressure by Americans and others, he said: "Judgment is independent and no one can protect criminals who killed Iraqis."

The organization of Mojahedin-e Khalq, Iranian opposition based in Camp Ashraf, was supported by the former regime during the war against Iran.

Some groups and parties in the current government have asked for the expulsion of the group from Iraq because of its involvement in assassination of Iraqi oppositions and suppressing the uprising of 1991.

Aswat al-Iraq – 20070813

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