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An Urgent Appeal

An Urgent Appeal, for Actions and Initiatives on behalf of Iranians in limbo in Iraq; in Defense of Human Rights and the Right to Asylum

Tragedy is too often the stuff of literature. The majority of people worldwide,Urgent Appeal try to avoid persons and situations that are shaped by too great a tragedy, concentrating instead on that which is simple and promises some easy resolution

Yet activists are literary figures. They concentrate on human tragedies, not shying away from multi-dimensional problems and readily working towards difficult solutions.

In a region increasingly marked with tragedy , perhaps no story is more tragic than that of the former members of the Iranian Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MKO), who wish to leave their state of limbo in war ravaged Iraq, can not return to Iran and hope for safety, and have not yet managed to gain asylum to any other corner of this earth.

The Iranian poet Shamlou – in his poem “Public Love” – talks of the dead of the year 1953 being the most loving of the living. And we have often repeated this when talking of those who have given their lives in any given year in the still ongoing struggle for freedom and human rights in Iran.

And yet one group of men and women, driven away by the unmet promise of the Iranian people’s revolution and told that if they loved their country and people well enough, they would give up everything and take up arms for just six short months, sought to prove this love by doing just this.

Security, jobs and children even were left behind, as these often young men and women – and some teenagers – left for Iraq , from where this struggle was to take shape.

Yet, each six month term was to be followed up with another, and they who had sought an alternative to two dictatorships within their own country, became victims of their leader’s power fantasies (which with time went as far as forcing all to divorce their partners and ban all other love – except the love for the one power – out of their very hearts) , Saddam Hossein’s war games , and the mind control, punishment routine , beatings and torture by their comrades!

And as the report released in 2005 by Human Rights Watch noted, there was “NO EXIT”![1] They were denied even the freedom to defect or leave. And so they were kept at Camp Ashraf in Iraq until this was turned into Camp “TIPF” , under the charge of US American forces. As hard at conditions were at Camp “TIPF”, with its recent closing the situation of these individuals became even more desperate.

Today, understanding the great and multi-faceted tragedy of these lives held in limbo and under extremely harsh and inhumane conditions , we deem it our responsibility to come to the defense of these fellow Iranians as well as to the defense of the legitimate rights of all political asylum seekers in Iraq. And we call upon all activists and defenders of human rights as well as political organs and organizations to familiarize themselves with this tragedy and – with us – to attempt to bring about a humane solution..

Iran National front – Europe (Germany); Summer 2008

The Following is a list of some of these former MKO members who are now in a state of limbo in Iraq, following the very recent closing of camp “TIPF”. Of these, 35 have been able to leave Iraq and are yet still in search of a destination.


Ebrahim Bolochi

Ebrahim Rahimi

Abolfazl Dehnamaki

Ahad Omidvar

Ahmad Soleimani

Ahmad Shahbazi

Ahmad Sehat

Ahmad Gharamohammadi

Ahmad Minai

Ahmad (pseudo name: Mehdi Ranjbar)

Ardeshir Baghbani

Arash Ahmadian

Esfandiyar Bakhshi

Esmail Momeni

Esmail Hooshyar

Afshin Gharatapeh

Iraj Golalipour

Iraj Mousavi

Parviz Derakshan

Parviz Ranjbar

Parviz Farahmand

Parviz Mousavi


Jaber Tai Samirami

Jamal Azimi

Javad Assadi

Hamed Sarafpour

Hojatollah Rostampour

Hojatollah Kafai

Hassan Piransar

Hassan Nemati (Safar)

Hossein Bakhshalizadeh

Hossein Bazrpour

Hossein Borojani

Hossein Rezai

Hossein Zendegi

Hossein Mehravar

Hamzeh Tomari

Hamidreza Sistani

Hamidreza Karimi

Hamid Abdolghafari

Hamid Fellahat

Hamid Mohebi

Hamid Naji

Khosrow Dehani

Davoud Razavi

Dormohammad Dehani

Rayan Petrosian

Rahim Khodagholi

Reza Azmodeh

Reza Zand

Reza Mohammadi (Mehrtash)

Ramezan Ghorbanzadeh

Ramezan Mohammadinasab

Rouzbeh Kurdi

Soleiman Kheyri

Siavash Biyabani

Siavash Saidnia

Seyed Abbas Moussavi

Cyrus Taefi

Cyrus Vafa

Shokrollah Mohammadi

Shahab Ekhtiyari

Shirin Masratbakhsh

Sadegh Khorshidi

Sadegh Zohouri

Abedin Janbaz

Adel Kheyri

Adel Matlabi

Abdolamir Sayahi

Abdolsatar Jahangiri

Abdolkarim Mohammadtaghinejad

Abdollah Nikbakht Tabrizi

Ali Ahmadi

Aliakbare Bojari

Ali Bakhsh-afarinande (Reza Gooran)

Ali Barzegar

Ali Jahanifard

Ali Khademan

Alireza Shahmoradiyan

Ali Abdollahi

Ali Mohammad Baloch

Ali Moghadas

Ali Mirahmadi

Ali Miri

Alireaz Goyande

Alireza Mozenzade Tabrizi

Omad Bagheri

Gholamreza Asghari

Gholamreza Rezai

Gholamreza Kermani

Farzin Fasihi

Farshid Farsat

Farhad Bazrafshan

Firooz Karegar

Kambiz Taghipour

Kaveh Pourhamadani

Karam Eslami

Kamal Mousavi

Kiakavoos Amirahmadi

Keyvan Rastbin

Michael Petrosian

Majid Rouhi

Majid Shabani

Mohsen Abdolkhani

Mohsen Abdollahi

Mohammad Ebrahim Rahimi

Mohammad Amir Raisi

Mohammad Taghi Ansari

Mohamad Tehrani

Mohammad Hossein Yousefi

Mohmmad Dadjou

Mohammad Dostdar

Mohammad Razaghi

Mohammad Reza Hosseini

Mohammad Saadooni

Mohammad Sahebi

Mohammad Ali Ahmadi

Mohammad Ghale-joghi

Mohammad Karami

Mohammad Yousef Charezahi

Mahmoud Bayat

Mahmoud Khaleghi

Mahmoud Eynaki

Morteza Mohajer

Masoud Zarghami

Moustafa Heydari

Moustafa Shafiie

Mansour Asari

Mansour Keshmiri

Manouchehr Khodadadi

Mehdi Barjeste Garmaroudi

Mehdi Abbaszadeh

Mehdi Fazollahi

Mehdi Nikbakht

Mehrdad Abdolvand

Mehrdad Fathi

Mehrdad Vosoghi

Mousa Marzban

Mirbagher Sedaghati

Nader Keshtkar

Nader Naderi

Nadali Rahimi

Nasrollah Azari

Norouz Tavakol

Hadi Afshar (pseudo name: Said Jamali)

Hashem Ostovar

Homayou Kaviani

Vahid Karami

Younes Hassanpour

List compiled on 15.08.2008

[1]For more information please read: http://www.hrw.org/backgrounder/mena/iran0505/1.htm

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