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Urgent Action Needed to Break the Spell of Rajavi’s Cult

There is no guarantee that MKO leaders will stop inciting violence and tragic events

Finally, after a quarter of century Camp Ashraf, the military bastion granted to the terrorist MKO by the fallen Saddam, was closed on 21 September. The fall of the stronghold, after nearly a decade of resistance that took many victims in protecting Rajavi’s Alamut, was in fact a matter of ideological crash. However, the closure was not so simple an issue and Rajavi sent 52 of the group’s members to the altar of sacrifice in the last provoked crusade.

Rajavi knew well that he had to surrender the camp sooner or later but he also needed to buy time and keep his group’s propaganda machine running; and the price was paid by hundreds of the members’ blood before the gates were closed. The victims were all the individuals who had put their trust in Rajavi as the ideological guru who, from the seclusion of his hiding place, encouraged his followers to make the sacrifices. Not only Rajavi accepts no responsibility for the bloodshed and the killed victims but also claims that the tragedy was a heroic deed carried out spontaneously by the volunteered members.

In contrast to Rajavi’s claim and to unravel a fact, none of the group’s insiders have a choice of free will to act by themselves in any personal and organizational affair. They are human-like robots that just follow the preplanned orders. Through their organizational instructions, it has been instilled into them that there’s no place for the will of the members themselves (to think and decide) and it is just the leader who has the right to choose and decide, even for the life and death. But for the outsiders, the leaders depict a different picture of the organization as if any action by the members is a matter of free choice. Speaking to European Parliament on March 2013, for instance, Maryam Rajavi, playing the role of leader in her husband’s absence, stated:

“I must say here that it is time to understand and respect the free choice of the residents of Liberty. They do not take orders from anyone. We can talk to them and advise them, but they are the ones who decided for themselves.”

But in his messages specially recorded and delivered to the Camp Ashraf and Liberty residents on July 2013, Massoud Rajavi emboldened his followers to fulfill their pledge of loyalty to the leader and be prepared to make their noble share of sacrifice whenever the appropriate time to defend Ashraf camp. Referring to previous human tragedies he said:

“Once (to defend Camp Ashraf) you lay under the tanks and once again our brothers and sisters, I mean the burning torches, set themselves on fire as a matter of free choice. And in future Mujahedin will keep their promise if anyone tries to test them; they will fight and bathe in their blood and nothing can deter their determination to protect this land, which is a town of honor and prosperity.”

That is how Rajavi escapes the responsibility after provoking the human tragedies. If the members are the ones to decide, then, what is the need to remind them of lying before the tanks or putting themselves on fire? The glorification of such deeds is equal to encouraging or issuing the orders for building more altars for sacrifice of the insiders. And it seems the human tragedy is a never-ending story in MKO and an evil omen to be continued in Camp Liberty.

It is only the Rajavies who enjoy telling and spreading the tragic story. But the UN envoy in Iraq thinks differently. Gyorgy Busztin has come to know the seriousness of the need to protect and survive the residents particularly after the human tragedy in Camp Ashraf: “What has happened at Camp Ashraf on the first of September is a game changer. It should be a wake-up call to all countries who are in a position to help to come forward. Resettlement is the ultimate guarantee of their security.”

Camp Ashraf was closed but what about Liberty and the unsecured destiny of its residents with hundreds of brainwashed loyal and devotees of Rajavi. Is there any guarantee that the leaders will stop inciting violence and tragic events? Only those in contact with MKO can realize the seriousness of the situation and as Mr. Busztin remarks “Resettlement is the ultimate guarantee of their security”. The optimistic forecast is, however, to expect more countries to come forward to accept more refugees to reduce the number of residents in the transit camp of Liberty. For sure, once settled in a third country, the hypnotic spell of the Rajavies cult will be broken. A good example is the defection of nearly seventy members after being transferred from Iraq to Albania.


September 23, 2013

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