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After 12 years families of Rajavi cult hostages in Camp Liberty demand UNAMI action

Today over 30 families from different provinces in Iran have arrived at the gates of Camp Liberty. They want simply to have the right to visit their loved ones. They are asking the UNHCR and UNAMI as well as Ms Jane Holl Lute, the UN Special Adviser for Relocation of Camp Liberty Residents to Outside Iraq, why is it that 12 years after the fall of Saddam Hussein (the benefactor of fugitive terrorist leader Massoud Rajavi), there is still no sign that the terrorists’ camp will close and the residents held hostage by the MEK leaders will be rescued and taken to safety. Why, after twelve years do the families of Camp Liberty residents still not have access to their loved ones? What is preventing anyone from helping these people and what power lies behind supporting the hostage taker to the point that all the affairs of the camp are still in the hands of the criminal Massoud Rajavi and his henchmen?

Rajavi denies that the families are “real” and claims that these are all “agents of Iranian intelligence services” coming to “kill” the members of the “National Liberation Army” which is about to “topple” the Iranian regime and its puppet regime i.e. Iraqi government.

The families have brought with them all the documentation necessary to prove their legal position and their family relations with the hostages inside the camp. They have handed these documents to the Iraqi and UN authorities demanding action and are waiting for some result.

At the same time Nejat Society announced today that Ashur Varshi escaped from Camp Liberty and immediately contacted his family.

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Ashur Varshi escaped Camp Liberty and contact his family

Mr. Varshi defected the Mojahedin- e Khalq group and managed to run away the Cult after 27 years.

Ashur Varshi now resides in a hotel in Baghdad, Iraq. As soon as he stepped the free world, Ashur called his brother; Ghorban. He introduced himself and said that he was free, living in a hotel in Baghdad. His brother was shocked and couldn’t stop crying. The Varshi family were really happy they could hear Ashur’s voice after nearly three decades.

Ashur asked to talk to his parents. He said that he missed his mother a lot. Unfortunately his parents were dead while he was captive of MKO Cult.

Another camp liberty resident escaped along with Ashur. Mr. Mahmoud Ruhollahi is from Babolsar and now resides in the same hotel as Ashur.

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