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Let’s Break the Cult’s Life-Glass

Terrorist MKO showed its fear and despair by publishing a report on the final statement of “Recognizing Sectarian Terrorism Seminar”, signed by 140 former members and commanders of the group.

In a hurried reaction, remnants of Rajavi’s cult desperately brought their lawyers to the scene, swearing that they had not conducted anything illegal in Camp Ashraf. By threatening the Iraqi government to pursue the case by international attorneys, Mojahedin try to disrupt legal processes of the government.

The main message of “Recognizing Sectarian Terrorism Seminar”, expressed briefly in its final statement, is that “The mafia-like inhuman organizational structure- established by a number of MKO ringleaders- is the only obstacle in the way of those members who want to choose freely and leave the group, and that facilities provided by Saddam Hussein prepares a suitable environment for the survival of such an illegal structure”.

Considering this message, hurried position-taking by remnants of Rajavi can be analyzed.

Former members and commanders who have signed this statement are well aware that Iraq is the only place in the world in which Rajavi can continue to keep control on members and follow his political-organizational interests. On the other hand, group’s ringleaders confess to this fact that their expulsion from Iraq- not to Iran, but to any other place in the world- equals total destruction of the MKO structure. So, their existence is now tied to Iraq and is like “life-glass” of Rajavi’s terrorist band.

In its hurried reaction, MKO’s propaganda system revealed reasoning and cases reserved for the time after the confirmation of Iraqi constitution and the establishment of Iraq’s permanent government. “Regarding international regulations, as Iraqi president’s spokesperson said on October 5 in Radio Farda, MKO’s presence in Iraq has nothing to do with the responsibilities of current Iraqi government but it is related to the 4th Geneva Convention, executed under the supervision of International Committee of Red Cross.”

Then, by threatening Iraqi government and officials, they tried to strengthen their words: “Therefore, all Iraqi democratic, patriotic people are well aware that anyone who wants to violate or ignore recognized asylum rights of Mojahedin in the framework of 4th Geneva Convention would be considered a traitor and an ally of Mullah’s outlaw regime, and attorneys will press charges against him”.

According to 4th Geneva Convention, the agreement signed with each and every member inside Camp AShraf after disarmament process was an agreement between coalition forces and real individuals. So, legal status of 4th Geneva Convention has been granted to independent people, not to “Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization of Iran”.

Considering the articles of 4th Geneva Convention and its privileges for those who enjoy this status it can be said that all activities of terrorist MKO (listed in global terrorist list) are illegal and can be prosecuted internationally.

According to the same reasons for disarming this group, its satellite TV programs, controlling individuals in Camp Ashraf and their movements and also planning to restrict these people are illegal and Iraqi government, as MKO’s hosting country and where the Convention is being applied, can pursue the case.

Although 4th Geneva Convention provides a number of advantages for those who enjoy it, it’s really preventive for a terrorist group; however, the MKO makes so much noise about it.

Recent MKO position, taken due to its weakness and despair, reveals the reasons behind all MKO efforts during past two years in order to get assurance for staying in Iraq and encouraging forces to reject all other humane offers. It also exposes the real fears of MKO’s leadership. Mojahedin know well that forces in Camp Ashraf won’t cooperate willingly in other places of the world and that all steps against illegal activities of this group will lead to the freedom of these forces; that’s why they focus their major activities on creating petitions under the name of Iraqi people, lawyers and ad hoc NGOs as well as their satisfaction for MKO’s staying in Iraq!

Now, we can understand why they opposed the Iraqi draft constitution. All former members and those who have experienced the depth of crimes in Rajavi’s cult should stress this legal right that “MKO’s organizational restrictions and boundaries in Iraq should be lifted from members, and this should be done in Iraq, by Iraq’s legitimate government in the framework of the 4th Geneva Convention as well as fighting terrorism and investigation of Saddam’s crimes. Meanwhile, the security of all members should be guaranteed.”

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