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13 MKO defectors repatriated

Nejat Society reporter: Mehr Abad Airport Tehran,October 14th, 16:30 pm.  A Red Cross flight in which there were 13 of separated members of Rajavi’s cult landed. These defectors returned to their homeland by the help of International Red Cross.

It is notable that most of these members were in Rajavi’s cult  for 18 to 20 years who are separated from it due to threat, torture … in Rajavi’s cult and introduced themselves to TRC.

This indicates the disappointment and depressive atmosphere in Camp Ashraf- Iraq.

Below is the list of the returnees:

Mohammad Reza Baraty – Tehran

Marzie Ghorbani Moghadam –  Tehran

Jamal Amirie – Tehran

Behrouz Nazarian – Nahavand

Jabar Ghaderie – Kamiyaran

Mohammad Ebadie – Mahshahr – Hendijan

Shanbe Kalantary – Ahvaz

Hussein Farah Bakhsh – Rasht

Naser Ravaee – Tehran

Ali Ekramie – Mahshahr

Saied Naserie    Abadan

Siyavoush Daryapeyma – Minab – Hormoz

Gholam Reza Yousefy – Dare Gaz


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