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Five more MKO defectors repatriated

Nejat Society correspondent:

Mehrabad Airport- five more members of MEK fled from the evil Rajavi’s Organization and repatriated, on August 23, 2005 . According to received news these defectors returned to Iran on a private flight by the help of International Red Cross.

They stated that they have separated from the organization less than a month ago and joined the American camp.

Nejat Society congratulates the return of our beloveds to the families and hopes that all of the members captured in Rajavi’s cult, choose the right way and return to their families.

Eskandarie, Samad from Zanjan

Rahmanie, Ghader from Oroumieh

Seyed Mohammadie, Jahan Shah from Kermanshah

Mohammadie, Karim from Kermanshah

Salehi, Iraj from Mazandaran

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