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Four defectors of Rajavi’s cult repatriated

Nejat Society Reporter –  Mehr Abad Airport Tehran

Four defectors of MKO, who were under pressure since long ago, could escape from Camp Ashraf and join American camp. After a while, by cooperation of IRC they returned to their homeland and welcomed on Jan.14, 2006 at 2 p.m.

All the returnees declared that the depression and disappointing atmosphere in Rajavi’s cult leads every member to escape. A large number of members willing to return to Iran, will return in near future.

These separated members also stated that everybody in Camp has this question in his mind: why the leaders of MKO have all fled to Europe or hidden themselves while this serious situation in Camp.

These defectors also asked for the trial of Masud Rajavi as a war criminal in an international court since it has been revealed that he has been detained by US forces.

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