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Iraqi lawmakers slam US intervention

Reacting to latest US government proposal to relocate the terrorist organization, MKO or Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization, to another place within Iraq’s territory, Iraqi lawmakers have called it another US intervention in country’s internal affairs. blank

The US government has proposed moving the camp of the MKO, known as Camp Ashraf, which is located in the Province of Diyala to another place inside the country.

The proposal comes only few days after the Iraqi government set a deadline of for MKO members to leave the country.

The Iraqi lawmakers from Sadr Movement have condemned US intervention in their country’s internal affairs. They believe the US is trying to keep these terrorists in Iraq to use them against neighbouring countries.

The spokesperson of the Iraqi government said the Iraqi government cannot accept to be under such burden and urged the International community to help the Iraqi government in the process of MKO expulsion from Iraq.

The members of the Iraqi national Alliance have also stressed on the importance of bringing an end to such interference.

The members in the State of Law Coalition said such behavior will have negative effect on the political process in Iraq and these actions are in clear contradiction to US claims of trying to keep the region peaceful.

In many occasions, the Iraqi people have showed their opposition toward the presence of MKO members in their country and called on government to evacuate the camp and expel its members.

Wisam al-Bayati
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