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Mr. Karami Open Letter to President Obama

Mojahedin Khalq propaganda in US

Mr. President,

You must be aware of the accelerated propaganda machine of Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MEK/MKO/PMOI). A number of prominent politicians and former officials of Bush administration including former national security advisor General James Jones, former mayor of New York, Rudolph Giuliani, former undersecretary of State, Nicholas Burns, former US secretary of energy, Bill Richardson and Professor Ruth Wedgwood who fail to have enough information on Iran and the true substance of MKO were allured by the group to attend their events in Paris and European Parliament.

You may wonder what is the MKO’s motivation behind launching such an American campaign! The motivation lies in the organization’s objective to use these politicians as a lever pressure against your administration in order to remove the group from DOS’s list of foreign terrorist organizations.

Mujahedin -e- Khalq make efforts to delist themselves not only politically but also through civil procedures and they do not hesitate to pay large amounts of money for that cause. It’s been many years now that MEK has been spending huge amounts to magnify the group as an alternative to the Iranian regime. It has bought a large range of people from all over the world to run its cause. The above-mentioned objective was not important to Rajavi until the fall of Saddam but after his collapse finding a new sponsor became Rajavi’s concern.

Before the fall of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, Massoud Rajavi used to brag to his audience saying that he didn’t care if MKO was in the list of terrorist organizations of the DOS and that it could list them a dozen times and MKO didn’t fear! But after MKO lost its main military and financial supporter (Saddam Hussein), the group’s political gesture changed entirely. They set off active champagne to remove their organization from the blacklist at any cost, although their activities against Islamic Republic haven’t changed significantly since they were removed from EU’s terror list.

Mr. President,

People’s Mujahedin Organization began its struggle in the 1960’s based on an anti imperialism ideology which considered the US as its main target. They launched several terrorist attacks against American civilians and officials in Iran:

In December of 1970 carried out an abortive attempt to kidnap U.S.Ambassador Douglas MacArthur.

In May, 1972 they assassinated the US. Counselor General Price and exploded some bomb in American installations.

President Richard M. Nixon’s trip was marred by a series of bombings, including one explosion at the tomb of the Shah’s father shortly before the President and his hosts were scheduled to arrive.

Explosion in Shell-Lavan Oil Cogan .Jan. 28 , 1973

Sound bomb explosion in International Hotel Cafeteria – Jan. 29 , 1973

General Hawkins assassination – Jun. 1 , 1973

Assassination of US embassy translator Hasan Khan – July 2 , 1975

For sack of the regime dependence on world monopoly and exploitation in Jan. to Feb.2, 1973, they exploded and set on fire several offices such as US Oil companies, TV & Radio stations and Pan American airlines.

In May24, 1974 for the anniversary of hanging of their leaders, this organization operated some explosive actions in American and Jewish economic companies and internal depended capitalists such as American and Jewish General, English0-Court Insurance Company Pork Shire and Jewish company Techno vice.

In Jan., 26, 1975 as a result of Kissinger entering –the US foreign minister- to Iran and some objections against him, a set of explosion in ITT companies (US multinational), Naraqi agricultural & industrial and John deer (American Insurance).

In May10, 1975 while returning of Shah from US and as a reaction to killing 9 persons of the former political members in April18, 1974(Bijan Jozni – Hassan Ziya zarifi – Aziz Sarmadi – Masha’of Kalantari – Mostafa Javan Khshdel – Kazem Zol-Anvar – Mohammad Choupan Zadeh – Ahmad Jalil Afshar) they chased the John Turner’s car and general Shepherds, two US counselors in Iran and then blocked two sides of the car and set fire on them by machineguns.

In July 3, 1975 the plan designed for assassinating Donald Eruona the American diplomat have been run. Assassinators blocked the way of US service car in Hashemi and Kheradmand junction and set fire on it. But because of darkness of the inside of the car an Iranian embassy employee have been mistakenly killed.

Following this operation a powerful bomb exploded in Iran & US committee for the memorial of Tir 30th 1331 movement and another one in English Consulate in Mashhad which have destructed a part of that building.

In August 27, 1976 three employees of the American Rockwell international company in California who have intended in a confidential spy process named “Ibex” in Iran, have been assassinated. In this year a powerful bomb have been exploded in Shemiran municipality.

May 11, 1975 – assassination of Colonel Paul Schaeffer and Lieutenant Colonel Jack Turner, U.S. Air Force officers in the mission.

In 1979, 25 members of MEK had an active role in the takeover of US embassy in Tehran. Here, I provide you with a film in which an MEK official is being interviewed in front of the Embassy. The fil

m was shown by Iranian TV only once.

When the terrorist attack on US World Trade Center on September 11th, ended with massacre of a large number of innocent civilians, the whole world were shocked and left in sorrow and all the governments, and international bodies condemned the inhumane act while MEK were celebrating that catastrophic event in Camp Baqerzadeh where Massoud and Maryam Rajavi congratulated members, giving out sweets and candies. Massoud Rajavi addressed the members: ”this was the reactionary Islam [Bin Laden /al-Qaida] that trembled the basis of the US Imperialism and destroyed the twin towers that were their symbols of power. What if Revolutionary Islam [pointing to his Saddam-made army NLA] comes on the scene? ‘’

As a main violator of human rights, MKO hasn’t been able to exploit human right abuses in Iran, yet. In 2005, Human Rights Watch published a detailed record on cases of human rights abuses in the organization. Besides it has been about 14 months that families of Ashraf residents have been awaiting to visit their children in front of Ashraf gates but MKO officials ,under the order of Massoud Rajavi do not allow them to visit their families but they order the residents to launch catapults to their own families .



The US Department of States has designated People’s Mujahedin of Iran and its political wing National Council of Resistance as a terrorist organization since the 1990’s when DOS didn’t have a large amount of important information on the group. In 2005, DOS report on MEK noted that MEK has the potential threat of a dangerous cult. The significant example of that potentiality turned into practice in June 2003 after the arrest of Maryam Rajavi by French police when members of the group set themselves on fire to protest her arrest in European cities.

Although the reports of DOS on MEK in 2005 and 2006 are not complete, they offer a few examples of numerous cult-like approaches of MEK.

Today, considering valuable information on MEK published by DOS and DOD, including RAND report, the terrorist cult of MEK must not be allowed to spread lies and feed American politicians with its disinformation campaign. MEK’s re-designation as a foreign terrorist organization will disappoint the group and its propaganda machine. You may want to take a look at the group’s latest request made by its spokesman Ali Reza Jaafarzadeh to find out how its deceptive propaganda machine works.

Some documents are attached that expose the real nature of Mujahedin Khalq Organization:

Lets create another Vietnam for America (pdf). [Mojahedin English language paper April 1980]
Letter to Imam (Khomeini) (pdf.)[Mojahedin English Language paper April 1980]
Some questions unanswered regarding the US military invasion of Iran (pdf)[Mojahedin English Language paper June 1980 ]
The song, War with America which is an epic song
Lets create another Vietnam for America(pdf).
(Mojahedin English language paper April 1980)
Letter to Imam (Khomeini) (pdf).
(Mojahedin English Language paper April 1980)
Some questions unanswered regarding the US military invasion of Iran (pdf).
(Mojahedin English Language paper June 1980)

Mohammad Karami, Paris

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