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Organized Violence at Camp Ashraf

During the 1960’s , a few years after the peak of guerilla war around the world including Kuba, China, Mexico …, Mujahedin Khalq Organization began their armed struggle against the Shah of Iran. The MEK based their armed struggle on other groups’ experiences, imitating them as if there was no other way except the violent overthrow of Shah.
MEK despite what its leaders claim, has never followed a peaceful option to achieve its goals
In the early days of its foundation MEK had no coherent theory for struggle so the imprisoned members based their vindications, in regime courts, on Quran and other religious books or wisdoms. But, a few years later, after the Islamic Revolution, they pretended that they had had an organized strategy for their armed struggle.

Finally in June 1980, MEK launched a violent massacre against their own nation and started the wave of terrifying terror acts. They succeeded to create an intimidating atmosphere in which even their own members didn’t dare to ask why such a violence. For years, MEK Leaders tried to make the world believe that they enjoyed public support but their various defeats including their so called Eternal light Operation ended their illusion for people’s support.

After all, MEK despite what its leaders claim, has never followed a peaceful option to achieve its goals. Massoud Rajavi, like Stalin, divided the world to two groups:”With MEK and Against MEK”; he isolated the organization behind the barbed wires so no idea or no individual is able to get in or out.

After his so-called Ideological Revolution, Rajavi formed his private army by the failures changed his NLA (National Liberation Army) to a small equipped army without significant human force. Then, in 2003 after the fall of Saddam Hussein following the American invasion to Iraq, the US army disarmed MEK.

The culture of violence is not only included in physical violence but also in verbal violence. The physical violence is based on verbal violence. Among political activists, political rhetoric should be polite. When the so-called political activists of MEK, especially Maryam and Massoud Rajavi use so many dirty words in their speeches against IRI, they only distribute a dirty political culture in their society: a culture which is totally based on violence. Now that, MEK’s hands are empty of arms, their only way to continue their alleged struggle is propaganda which is not based on a peaceful, logic and gradual activity but based on an illusion of enemy. In MEK’s illusions all opponents should be physically violently omitted or violently attacked by words.

According to reports the Iraqi Police was not supposed to enter the Camp violently but since MEK members were ordered to respond any approach in a violent manner, their reaction was clearly what MKO leaders have always trained their members to do: The solution to any problem is violence. The members of MKO have been filled with anger and hatred and the only expected reaction to Iraqi Police is what they did on July 28th.

Thus the violence in MKO is not a tactic but a strategy which has so far resulted in the death of dozens of thousands of innocent people including those who were killed in Camp Ashraf clashes. Since 2003, MEK has had no more military power, but the violence they have founded their organization on, has been structured around MKO’s strategy. The violent struggle they had launched was only a kind of blind adventure to achieve power in Iran and had no fate except failure.
By Mazda Parsi

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