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Habilian Association representatives meet Ms. Fariba Hashtroudi

On Monday 1 January 2007, Ms. Fariba Hashtroudi, former member of national council of resistance (NRC) who has traveled into Iran recently, met and talked to Mr. Seyed Javad Hasheminejad and Mohammad Sanavi, Secretary General and executive director of Habilian association. In this meeting, Ms. Hashtroudi was informed on Habilian humanitarian activities

At the beginning of meeting, Mr. Hasheminejad pointed that how Habilian association was formed and in following added: “we, as terrorism victims, formed Habilian NGO, but without any attention to revenge and even we have also no hope to justice in this disordered world, but by according to Mujahedeen, who have been changed to a reactionary cult, we accept their members such as victims of sectarist thoughts. We hope that the justice to be administrated in two forms, international trial of cult leaders and releasing of its victims”.

In following of meeting, Mr. Sanavi explained about the assassination of his father by Mujahedeen terrorists in 1986 and also said: “my father was a mercer and basically wouldn’t consider on political issues and also didn’t have any political, military and governmental position. I’m surprised that terrorists have called their operation to kill a common innocent citizen as a heroic operation and declared in their bulletins that he was one of regime’s leaders!!” Then Mr. Sanavi presented some pictures of his father in his shop to Ms. Hashtroudi.

At the end of meeting, Mr. Hasheminejad presented some CDs, including names and specification of 16000 terrorism victims, and brochures, in which were pictures of civilian and ungovernmental victims, especially children, to former member of National Council Resistance (NRC).

Habilian Association, Tehran-1 January 2007

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