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On the daring return of Fariba Hashtroudi to Iran

In his struggle to live on, man must preserve his honor; otherwise, he would be nothing more than a walking corpse.

The big words are not always uttered be great men. The anonymous and the less-known people can also, because of the experience they have gained, speak big words. That is the outcome of the past experiences of a man who has preserved his intellectual freedom and independence in the face of any sanctimony and quasi ideals and causes. I think the age of slavery, in any form, is nearing its last days. The few who unquestionably succumb to any title and motives of any purpose, could be possibly believing in things inferior to man’s reason and intellect and his historical experiences. These few fellows, I believe, have unknowingly been decomposed, while holding onto humanity, idealism and ideology, in the cycle of the modern slavery. So grave is the tragedy that I can hardly conceal my delight when someone in bond is unbound as a result of test and error. Moreover, this time the unbound is someone who I could hardly be convinced, from the very beginning, to be subject to entrapment. Now I am relieved of many suppositions surging inside me, and I feel relaxed to write happily.

Mrs. Hashtroudi, it might be hard for you to found somebody you hardly know talking so enthusiastically. The fact is that on account of your social status and familial background, it could not be so strange a thing. Your detachment from the NCRI, or better to say Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MKO), as well as your unexpected return to Iran are two coincident daring acts that deserve appreciation. You deserve it first for renting asunder the bonds and then for courageous return to Iran, a quest not made to overcome the phobia the people’s quasi-opposition had inspired you with but to prevail over all the possible impeachments and accusations expected form the so-called democratic alternative called the NCRI and which you have to sustain patiently.

Instead of praising the victims that are readily led onto the cult of Mojahedin’s abattoir and ridicule the death by self-immolation and deeply bruising people, I take my hat off to admire your courageous deed and the price you have to pay for your freedom and recognition of the truth.

I do not know, as a member of the opposition, how my claim is esteemed that the opposition insisting to be accounted as the Iranians popular and legitimate alternative is the most incognizant of Iran’s social and political ambience among all contemporary political oppositions. Your journey to Iran and close inspection of the current political atmosphere and people’s want on the one hand and people’s real stance about the claimed alternative on the other hand can at least lead us out of the possible disillusions we might be caught in and open a new window for a better recognition of the truth. The dark and desperate picture of Iran depicted in our minds in the Western countries and the charlatanism that propagates to demonize it has blurred our vision to see the truth. No Iranian in any position, critics or opponents, is invulnerable to the political and media offences of this charlatanism.

You are, for certain, aware that this democratic alternative, under the illusion that no opposition but itself has the right to breathe, caused a commotion over Shohre Aghdashloo, the Iranian actress residing in the US, who announced her willingness to return to Iran regardless of being compelled to wear veiled costume in her own country. She was offended and her patriotism was questioned and Mojahedin tried to instigate the Iranian artists in exile against her. Fortunately, to the group’s great disappointment, none but three associates of the NCRI signed an issued statement.

All these were plotted against a woman who had actually nothing to do with politics and the alternative. Her sole love was cinema and play as well as writing. Of course, there can be found many of her example whose repute was blemished by the democratic alternative on baseless accusations.

Your feat is much more courageous than that of those who commit self-immolation to sacrifice themselves before the imposters of political and propagandistic activities.

Mrs. Hashtroudi, no doubt, your presence in Iran would promote us here in the West, who knowingly or unknowingly are desperately entrapped among the political charlatans, to picture a clear and true image of Iran. We believe you, because of your political status, can ply a decisive role to disillusion the opposition. It is a shame on the masters of the great media and technological revolution that victimize the truth for the interest of political superiority. That is also true of this opposition that to assume political power, creeps deep to worsen the international rifts to give rise to another Iraq in the region.

I assume that one of the main causes of your detachment was that you were cognizant of the aftermath of possible militarism predominance in the region at the cost of millions of innocent lives. You know well that the NCRI and MKO attempt to silence voices of resisting any military offence against Iran and to isolate the aware consciences by the raised communicative club of labeling them the paid agents and mercenaries of Iran. Mojahedin believe that the antithesis of any phenomenon inevitably emerges out of the same phenomenon. If true, now you can act as Mojahedin’s antithesis and echo the true face of Iran as you see it. Once more I admire your courageous option of becoming the target of the Council and Mojahedin’s offences and hope that your honest evaluation based on reason and political intellect concerns the national interests. Wish you good days in Iran.

M. Taymorian, Germany



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