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Tribal leaders of Southern Iraq visit Habilian

A group of tribal leaders and Sheikhs from southern regions of Iraq met and exchanged ideas with members of Habilian Association executive board. In this meeting which was initiated with the speech of director of Habilian’s political committee Sayed Hussein Kakmyab welcomed the Iraqi delegation’s arrival in the holy city of Mashhad and said: Habilian Association has been established in 2005 with the objective of gathering deeds and documents about MKO terrorist group in Iran and also to open MKO crimes cases in international tribunals. This association is comprised of the children and other family members of terror victims in Iran. Hearing the name of terrorists would undoubtedly remind you of the enemies of Iraqi people.

MKO has been for years at the heart of criminal acts against the people of Iraq. They have committed several acts of terrorism inside Iraq and have killed a large number of people in your country causing many human disasters in there. In Iran they have also assassinated over 12000 people including the Iranian president, prime minister, judiciary chief and several MPs by launching terrorist operations. After the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran they were forced by the people out of the country, so they resorted to Saddam Hussein and resumed their terrorist operations this time under Saddam’s service. Saddam would provide them with a sum of $50 million every three months and they would be under full command of Saddam in return. They were also given an extra budget from the money earned by selling oil. An instance of what they have done in return is the suppression of Shiite Intifada and also massacre of Kurds and Turkmen. They would do whatever they could to satisfy Saddam Hussein in return for his favors toward this terrorist group.

Son of Martyr Kamyab went on and said: right now and as the influential tribal groups in the current scene of Iraq you would play a major role in informing the Iraqi people about this terrorist group. You ca disclose the evil nature of MKO inside and outside Iraq. As the representatives of the two nations of Iran and Iraq we have many things in common. We enjoy the great civilization of Islam which has caused our getting closer to each other this is why the world superpowers always are up to make disunion between us. We also possess huge oil resources which is another reason for the exploiters to create sedition among us.


He also added: I think you agree with us that America attacked Iraq merely for its own interests and in order to attain their wicked ambitions they began to implement their plots for hypocrisy between Iran and Iraq. Shah of Iran insisted on Persian nationalism and Arab nationalism, and Saddam on separating Sunnis from Shiites. Saddam imposed a war on Iran which lasted for 8 years and amid which hundreds of thousands of the people from both nations were killed. What do you think of this war to be set up for? It was just the result of the global superpowers’ plots.

Pointing to the efforts of the Iraqi people to choose their own destiny, their own parliament and government kamyab said: the Iraqi people set the foundations of an independent parliament and chose independent government mostly working for the Iraqi people. It is as bright as the day for all of you that America, after the fall of Saddam, started to support terrorist groups like the Mujahedin-e Khalq and Al Qaeda instead of backing Iraqi peoples’ freedom movement. This way they wanted to justify their illegitimate presence and occupation in Iraq.

Kamyab notified the Iraqi peoples’ recent demonstrations through which they had demanded the expulsion of MKO from their land and said: such demonstrations show that the Iraqi peoples’ unwillingness and that they never want MKO to remain in Iraq any more. A recent instance of such demonstrations was the one by people of Khalis.

Director of the Political Committee of Habilian Association pointed to the progresses the Islamic republic of Iran has made in recent years, especially in the field of nuclear energy, and said: we believe that the Iraqi youth as well can achieve such successes.

Then he mentioned the issue of Ashraf and said: Camp Ashraf is a part of Iraq’s soil and I hope you can have it back again by expelling MKO terrorist cult from Iraq.

Yousof Hamadi head of the delegation of southern Iraq’s tribal leaders was another speaker of the meeting. He expressed gratitude on behalf of the whole delegation for Habilian’s efforts and declared solidarity and sympathy with the families of terror victims in Iran.

He said: My colleagues and I would like to know more about your efforts in Iran and your development and progress you’ve made in all fields. Unfortunately there was an inaccurate picture of Iran in our minds as a result of false propaganda against Iran and we were surprised and realized that how far we had been mistaking about Iran as soon as we arrived in your country.



Hamadi also spoke about the crimes and atrocities of Saddam’s oppressive regime and said: Saddam Hussein suppressed Shiites and assassinated many of them. Many of Shiites Sheikhs were ordered to leave the country and go on exile.

Then he notified the Iraqi parliament’s decision for the expulsion of MKO terrorist group from Iraq and said: we are well aware of the evil nature of this group and the help they gave Saddam in suppressing and killings of Shiites. They welcomed the Americans’ arrival in Iraq and have their bloody hands in the massacre of Iraqi people and creating mass graves in Iraq.


Hamadi stated: we have come to Iran to see your developments and to convey your friendship massage to the Iraqi people.

At the end of the meeting the petition for the expulsion of MKO was signed by the delegation.

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