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“Iran: A Victim of Terrorism”in a Qazvin university

“Iran: A Victim of Terrorism”exhibition was held by Habilian Association in Azad Islamic University of Qazvin. The exhibition was held in order for the students to become familiar with the background and crimes of the Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO).

Though held in a short period of time, the exhibition was highly welcomed by the students as well as the teachers. More than 3000 students visited the exhibition through 4 days.

With their numerous questions on the crimes of MKO, the students showed their anger towards the terrorist cult. New and shocking dimensions of MKO’s crimes including their pre-evolution team houses, using sex attraction to make students join the cult, Rajavi’s cooperation with Shah regime to save his own life, intra-MKO clashes to elect a leader, exploring Rajavi’s personality,
MKO’s shameful uprising in June 20, 1981, MKO’s mortal attacks on Iran’s president, prime minister and more than 70 senior officials in 1981, theie treasons during the Iran-Iraq war, MKO’s contributions to Iraqi Shiite and Kurd massacres by Saddam Hussein, their treasons regarding Iran’s peaceful nuclear program and their current parasite stay at Iraq’s Camp Ashraf were on show.

The following are only few of students’ positive comments made in the exhibition’s guest book:

– Thank you for holding the exhibition. It introduced the enemies of Islam and Iran openly to the youth who do not have much knowledge about MKO’s background. I hope this will continue through the educational year.

– The exhibition shows the enemy to the Iranian new generation so that they will know how to counter these traitors.

– A very nice exhibition! I had no information on MKO and I’m happy you are uncovering their crimes explicitly.

– Nice exhibition! I hope this will continue.

– Well done! You showed the true face of the anti-people hypocrites (the MKO) very well.

– Thank you for all your efforts. You will be certainly successful by uncovering MKO’s false beliefs.

– Thank you very much. Please hold such exhibitions much more magnificently.

– A great responsibility is put on you. I hope you, representing families of terror martyrs, will do your best to reveal MKO’s crimes.


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