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MKO in historic isolation

Today the process of developments in Iran-Iraq relations has created difficult situation for Mujahedin Khalq who are facing a complicated cul-de-sac. Therefore, the MKO’s claim as the most powerful opposition to Iranian regime is viewed as funny by Western politic men

The new phase was accompanied with the takeover of Camp Ashraf’s control by Iraqi government in January.

However, when the Iraqi control on Ashraf base was leading its executive procedures, MKO leaders ended the takeover by Iraqi Police to a bloodshed which risked the lives of hundreds of members, in vain.

After the bloody clashes in Ashraf, MKO leaders did not obey Iraqi decision and did not make a logic decision and launched a new idiot game. Their hunger strike show was to take ransoms from Iraqi government. The leaders allegedly declared their objective as the takeover of control of Ashraf by American forces but actually the main objective of MKO leaders is maintaining their base in Iraq. And the Iraqi government is determined to expel the terrorist destructive cult of Rajavi from its territory.

The destructive cult of MKO has always claimed to be the most viable alternative to IRI and its large scale propaganda machine has always tried to deceive Western politicians with this claim.

The recent protests after the Iranian presidential election in June took MKO’s card. The international community and Western governments are concentrating on Iranian green movement as the main opposition to Islamic Republic. Western governments, who were not satisfied with IRI’s policies, today hope that the green movement could make changes in Iranian policy. Therefore, the MKO’s claim as the most powerful opposition to Iranian regime is viewed as funny by Western politic men. This make MKO leaders to try extremely to find the least support among Western countries including their new propaganda show for the so called revelations on Iranian nuclear program in a press conference in Paris.

Although the act, once more, confirms the MKO’s treasons against Iran, ignoring the MKO’s propaganda, Western governments called 1+5, are negotiating with Iran in Geneva these days. The considerable fact is that for the first time, US’s representative sat at the same table with his Iranian counterpart. The MKO is now in a historic isolation which will definitely end in its death.

The only way to save the cult is the official declaration of its shutdown by its leaders, but they are so politically stupid that they will never make this rational decision.

By Mohsen Abbaslou

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