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Letter of Nuri Family to ICRI

The honorable representative of ICRI in Tehran,

This letter is to inform you that Hamid Reza Nouri, soldier of Division No.64 was captured by forces of Mujahedin –e- Khalq Organization in the fronts of Iran – Iraq was in Haj Omran operational region in 1986 when only a few days of his serving period was left.

The above-named was married and had a baby girl. After several years of lack of information on his fate, in 2000, we were informed that he was in MKO’s Camp Ashraf, Iraq. In September 2002, his brother and daughter went to visit him. They succeeded to have a 2-hour visit, under the supervision of MKO forces, persuading him to return to his family but unfortunately due to the strong monitoring of MKO during the visit, it had no outcome.

In a following meeting another brother of him and his father-in-law visited him. Once more they couldn’t talk to each other in a free, honest atmosphere because of the severe security supervision. Therefore, regarding the last time that his brother visited him, we found out that he is severely brainwashed and due to his physical and mental imprisonment in Ashraf he fears to tell the truth. We believe that if the visits take place in another place with total freedom, they will end with positive outcomes.

Sincerely, we ask the honorable representative of ICRC in Tehran to arrange our visits in a place outside Camp Ashraf, far from the supervising eyes of MKO agents.
We hope that it will be a start for the return of our beloved brother to the family.

Yours Faithfully
Mojtaba Nouri, Hamid Raza’s awaiting brother

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