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Ms. Nuri Letter to her daughter, Ashraf resident

Dear Tayebeh after the events occurred recently in Ashraf garrison I hope you would be Ok. We are very worried about you. During all these years of being far from each other I have always been waiting for a call from you. Unfortunately it has become a dream for me.

Why have you become so indifferent .I am your mother. Isn’t funny that the organization which claims to have influence around the world fears even of a telephone call between members and their families?

It is expectable from such organization which doesn’t care about its own members not to care about me as an elderly mother who is now for 10 years waiting to visit her daughter.

Isn’t that oppression? Don’t you see that the organization is wasting your life for their own ambitions? Why don’t Maryam and Masud Rajavi come to Iraq to confront the bullets?

Why has Maryam Rajavi gathered high ranking members in Ouver-Sur-d’Oise and doesn’t send them to Ashraf to confront Iraqi forces?

Why should always the rank and file members be victimized for the leaders? For what reason and based on which logic?

Your daughter just wants you. She asks me about you and his father every time she sees me. She asks me about the time you may return to visit her. And I have no answer for none of her questions.

I should ask the notorious and infernal Mujahedin Organization why they have imprisoned our beloved ones.

Dear Tayebeh I hope you return to your homeland as soon as possible and begin a happy new life with your daughter and family.

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