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Nejat Society letter to ICRC

The office of International Committee of Red Cross in Tehran

Mr. President,

We are members of Nejat Society Tehran Office.

The deadly missile attack on the camp of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization in Iraq ended with the killing and injury of several residents of Camp Liberty.

Families of Liberty residents are extremely worried about their loved ones in the Camp, especially because the leaders of the MKO have not published the name of wounded ones, yet.

The honorable President of ICRC in Tehran,

We urge you to take proper actions in order to probe the true demands of suffering parents who are awaiting the release of their loved ones, in accordance with the international laws.

The followings are pleas of families of the residents of Camp Liberty:

  • We demand to visit ICRC authorities in Tehran Office.
  • We demand you to provide us with possibilities to contact our children via phone calls or letters.
  • We ask for permission for our presence in front of camp Liberty so as to visit our children
  • We ask you to call on the UN secretary general in order to facilitate the process of relocation of Liberty residents in third countries.

Your cooperation and understanding on this case will be greatly appreciated.

Yours Sincerely,

Nejat Society, Tehran


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