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Esmail Fallah Ranjkesh fled Camp Liberty

During the 29 October rocket attack on Camp Liberty, Mr. Fallah Ranjkesh escaped the Camp.

Mr. Fallah Ranjkesh who is from Gilan Province contacted his family as soon as he stepped the free world. He is now reunited with his family.

The Ranjkesh family have been in contact with Nejat Society and made every efforts to release their beloved Esmail from the MKO Cult clutches.

Two other camp Liberty (TTL) residents also ran away from the Camp during the recent rocket attack. Shahram and Shahroud Bahadori Gargari are two brothers who managed to release themselves. During an interview with IRNA from the hotel in Baghdad, Shahroud stressed that” not a single person” in Liberty wants to be there of their own volition. They are all there by force.”

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