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Nejat Society representatives visit Ahmed Shaheed

A delegation from Nejat Society including Mrs. Abdollahi, Mrs. Beheshti,Mr. Atabay and Mr. Akbarzadeh attended the meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva.

Despite the aggressive humiliating attitude of the henchmen of Rajavi’s gang towards the representatives of Nejat Society, denouncing the cult-like substance of the terrorist Mujahedin Khalq Organization ,they made the attendees concerned with their grieves. A number of representatives of NGOs and human Rights organizations of various countries offered sympathy to Nejat family members and asked for visit with other families and trip to Iran.

Nejat Society delegation attended

Human Rights Panel of the United Nations Organization

Women’s Human Rights Panel of United Nations Organization together with Ahmed Shahid (the UN special Rapportear for Human Rights in Iran)

Anti Green Revolution Faction

Panel of families of terror in Iran

Moroccan Human Rights Panel

Nejat representatives revealed the crimes of the MKO describing the crucial situation of their children and family members held in the MKO Camps. They called on human rights bodies to help Iranian families visit their beloved ones who are held as hostages by Rajavi in Camp Liberty and help them release from the atmosphere of horror and pressure in the MKO so that they can personally decide for their future.

Nejat delegation had a thirty-minute private meeting with Ahmed Shaheed. The delegation submitted the demand of families from International Community and Dr. Shaheed.

These family members of Liberty prisoners had also a private meeting with Ms. Mara Steccazzini, the UN Human Rights Representative.

Nejat Society Family members called on Human Rights bodies and the international Community to facilitate as soon as possible the departure of residents from camp Liberty in order to pave the way for families to make phone calls, visits and to have access to news of their loved ones.

Families can contact Dr. Ahmed Shaheed via this email address:


The honorable families can send their requests to the UN Special Rappearteur in English or Persian.

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