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British Ambassador, paid a visit to the Nejat Society

The British Ambassador to Iran, Geoffrey Adams, along with a high ranking official from the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) who was visiting the country required a meeting in the office of the Nejat society in Ambassador paied a visit to The Nejat SocietyTehran.

A number of members and associates of the society including Mr. Arash Sametipour, the international relations secretary, were present in the meeting.

Mr. Sametipour welcomed the visitors and introduced those present in the meeting and explained that the Nejat Society in Tehran consists of the former members of the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) who managed to flee from the notorious base of this organization called the Ashraf Camp in Iraq and are striving to help their former colleagues trapped inside the MKO terrorist cult.

The topics of the discussions were the de-proscription of the MKO by the British government and its consequences and also the situation of the Ashraf camp in Iraq after the resolution passed by the Iraqi administration which gives the control of the base to the Iraqi government.

The British high diplomats thoroughly explained the legal procedure of the decision made by the Proscribed Organizations Appeal Commission (POAC) which ultimately excluded the MKO from the list of terrorist groups in Britain.

Mr. Adams emphasized that the British Government has not changed its policy towards the group and still considers the MKO as a terrorist entity and has prohibited all government officials to have any contacts with the organization.

"Britain is part of the European Union (EU) and the EU has continuously designated the organization as a proscribed terrorist group and this proscription applies in Britain too" he explained, "the decision made by the POAC would have no effect on the policy adopted by the FCO or the British government anyway".

Mr Sametipour discussed the very fact that the MKO is a destructive cult which has held its followers mentally and even physically captive in the Ashraf Camp. "All cults need to show false victories to their followers to keep them manipulated within the isolated atmosphere of the cult" he said, "therefore de-listing the MKO serve the leaders to have better chance to deceive people".

Mr. Adams and his company agreed that no excuse should be given to the MKO to have open hands to carry on mind control techniques within the cult. They also approved the fact that the prime victims of a cult are its own followers who would lose everything. Mr. Adams also gave assurances that under no circumstances the British government is willing or aiming to use the MKO elements for any purpose at all. He made it clear that the British government would not stop its struggle to proscribe the organization again in Britain.

The high ranking British diplomats visiting Nejat Society in Tehran expressed their hope that the Ashraf Camp would be controlled by the Iraqi government as soon as possible and the misery of the families who wish to meet their beloved ones captured inside Rajavi’s cult be ended in near future.

In the end they invited Nejat Society to send a delegation to Britain to discuss the matters further with the British statesmen and parliamentarians in London. Mr. Adams reckoned such trip to be quite fruitful for the aims of the society.

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