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The MEK’s solidarity with a fallen dictator

MEK’S solidarity with a fallen dictator who is a role model for ” Rajavi”

MEK sympathy for Saddam’s death

The execution of dictator of Iraq was greatly welcomed by the majority of the people in the Middle East, particularly by Iraqis, Kurds and Shia and some Sunnis such as Turkmen that had suffered mostly under the Saddam’ Regime.

There was joy among Iranians and Kuwaitis whose countries were destroyed by Saddam when he attacked Iran in 1980 and Invaded Kuwait in 1991.

Overall most people around the world believed that Saddam Hussein was a notorious, bloodthirsty, tyrant and thug and a cruel dictator like Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot who had to stand before an international war tribunal for his crimes against humanity and war crimes.

There is some disappointment by the execution due to the opposition to the capital punishment in general.

Saddam killed thousands of Iraqis, Sunnis and Shias. Saddam’s time was full of cruelty, suppression and massacre of Kurds such as town of “Halabche” by Chemical gas which killed 5000 civilians instantly. Saddam closed his eyes on his sons who were systematically raping women, killing opponents as a hobby and controlling the funds coming from Oil for food program by the U.N.

There are small portion of Sunnis in Iraq and Palestinian (due to the false support of Palestine) Saddam was an Arab nationalist who believed he was ” Salahedin” and would capture Jerusalem. His wrong strategy resulted in the strong presence of U.S. forces in the region under the plan of new Middle East and Democracy for the region.

Also, there is a group of Iranian so-called opposition called MEK (Mojahedin-e khalgh) who are extremely upset by the death of Saddam because Saddam was the main financial and arms supplier of the group. Saddam allocated millions of dollars in funds and military equipment and provided training camps such as Ashraf for the group who moved to Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war in 1986. MEK associated with Saddam intelligence services to collect information on Islamic Republic of Iran (I.R.I.) military and economical sites during the war. Also, MEK promoted the terror campaign against I.R.I. from the bases inside Iraq that increased the cycle of violence and bloodshed in Iran.

MEK succeeded in gaining some support in Washington by lobbying US Congress. The lobby was not successful if there was any financial support by Saddam Hussein as it is indicated by US State Department report on MEK when it was listed as a terrorist organization.

MEK’s media sites banned any news on Saddam since his capture in 2003. Just 2 days after death of Saddam, they finally broadcast the news.

For the first time in three years the NCRI, the political cover group of MEK made a short announcement in Persian condemning Saddam’s execution and called it in favor of the regime of Iran. They also claimed that Saddam should have been handed over to his people for final decision.

The MEK, alongside pro Saddam Iraqis, is challenging the legitimacy of the Iraqi Government which has been elected in a free election. They have forgotten if Saddam was handed over to Iraqi’s then he would be cut in pieces because of the hate and pain people had suffered under his regime.

Saddam’s execution and trial procedure was not ideal but it was just for a butcher who did not let many of his people to stand before a court since they were slaughtered in the prisons. Saddam’s execution was not perfect but it was a gift for Saddam because in Iraq hundreds are dead daily by explosion, and under torture.

Saddam’s execution was a gift for a dictator whose life was based on ruining lives of hundreds of human begins in Iraq and neighboring countries.

If Saddam was never lived, the world was a better and safer and more peaceful place to live. Now, Saddam’s death opens the door for a new era in Iraq since pro Saddamists are losing their hope for the return to power. Saddam thought the US would bring him back to power.

Are Rajavi and MEK realizing the situation? The game has changed and they have lost the game.

MEK politically is dead and has no legitimacy or support among Iranians inside and abroad. Are they smart enough to understand that US are not betting on losing horses? The past proves the answer is ‘no’.

Massoud Rajavi vanished since March 2003. There is unconfirmed information that he is in the custody of Israel and US in the region. (Jordan or Qatar).

MEK are at the weakest point after Saddam because they have to face the consequence of collaboration with Saddam. Also, to answer to Iranians for their crime against humanity, and promoting violence alongside the I.R.I. and committing violation of human rights among the members that cost lives of some dissidents.

Pars Iran, January 4, 2007

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