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Albanians React to MEK Fake News – State Police Fallen Prey


“Terrorist cell in Tirana”: Thanasi: Veliu read a prepared statement – Jazexhi: MEK seeks to produce ‘fake news’

In a statement to the media, State Police Director Ardi Veliu revealed that a terrorist cell in Albania has been destroyed, aimed at carrying out attacks on MEK members in Albania. It said that the cell was headed by a resident of Iran and was intended to hit the refugee Mojahedin group in our country. Invited to Fax News, to talk about this police information are Gjergj Thanasi investigative journalist and Olsi Jazexhi historian.
Thanasi stated that Police Director Ardi Veliu simply read a statement, with some minor errors, but that it was not his creation.
“It seems to me that the director read the statement with very few mistakes; he made some, but this is a success for him. He didn’t produce it. He read it and there are many inaccurate statements in it. One of these terrorists is an Austrian citizen – is he in prison, in custody, under coercion? This citizen of our allied country has not been detained in Austria. These people came to Albania. The statement refers to a ‘terrorist act’ on Norouz Day in 2018. That’s hilarious. At that time the state police arrested two Iranian nationals suspected of involvement in terrorist activities. Two Iranian ‘terrorists’?! They had come with regular visas, free of charge, after being invited in writing by one of the leaders of the religious Bektashi sect in Albania. Now, is Baba Mondi being linked with terrorists?! So, we have a lie about a ‘terrorist act’ on March 22, 2018. It’s a lie. If the two terrorists were arrested why were they allowed to leave Rinas. Terrorism is a big thing for Albania – they were detained, then the matter was dismissed! Terrorism is one of the criminal offenses pursued by SHISH. MEK is unreliable as a source of information. They should be punished. Woe betide anyone who uses MEK as a source”, said Thanasi.
Meanwhile, historian Olsi Jazexhi declared that the MEK organization deals in espionage, adding that MEK creates fake news.
Jazexhi: The MEK deals in espionage and attacks by creating fake news against the Iranian state. The MEK should be punished for this activity, but the law does not work here. The MEK was used to attack the American embassy. This police statement was unprofessional. Journalists were not allowed to ask questions. It’s just fake news to be picked up by the media.
The MEK did not react. Now it will use Veliu’s news which means the heroic Albanian police have attacked the terrorists’ attack on us. The script was prepared for Ardi to read. It’s about giving a story to the international media. To help Europe and the US promote war in the Middle East and start fighting against Iran.
The MEK has produced a fake news story about the capture of two Iranians who had rigged up a car that was about to explode. This was fake news. But in the world outside Albania it was received as real news. They also interviewed Pandi Majkon.

faxweb.al, Translated by Iran Interlink

Olsi Jazexhi: Unknown side of terrorists seeking to attack Albania

State Police Director Ardi Veliu announced at a press conference that a terrorist cell led by a resident of Iran had been prevented from carrying out attacks in Albania against the Mojahedin group sheltered in our country, the MEK, opposition in exile to the Iranian regime.
But historian Ols Jazexhi says we are dealing with Fake News produced in the Mojahedin headquarters in Tirana, to which the Interior Minister Lleshaj Sander, the State Police and the anti-terror unit have fallen prey.
According to Jazexhi, the police simply read the statement given by the Mojahedin, adding that one of the Austrian nationals accused of terrorism, Erwin Aram, had come to Tirana to rescue his mother from their camp but had failed.

Albanian Gazette , Translated by Iran Interlink

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