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Victory of Diplomacy over war disappointed the MKO

Following the victory of Senate Democrats of the US Congress to block Republicans’ efforts to reject the nuclear deal agreed between Iran and the six world powers, the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO) seems too disappointed to be able to recover from the defeat of the Israeli lobby (AIPAC) in the US Congress.

Getting away from the Israeli influence in the US government results in the isolation of the lobbies of the MKO, too. The reaction of the group’s lobbyists in the US Congress to the Nuke deal proves it. 

Speaking to the 50th anniversary celebration of the MKO, former Democratic Rep. Patrick Kennedy, praised the group and its self- assigned leader Maryam Rajavi and slammed the Iran deal as “a case of fool”.

Former senator Patrick Kennedy as well as senator Lindsey Graham and senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Robert Menendez are among those AIPAC lobbyists who also lobby for the MKO in exchange for dollars the MKO pours in their pockets.

The above-mentioned senators led a resolution in the US Congress declaring that the US will stand by Israel against Iran. They also regularly appear at the MKO’s propaganda rallies to speak on behalf of the group.

Today, diplomacy has beaten warmongers in the US government. AIPAC and its unofficial affiliate the MKO launch their new propaganda: Fight on Iran deal is “not over”.

The MKO’s propaganda media condemn Iran deal quoting from infamous Zionist congressmen. The MKO’s website regularly reprints statements of Zionist US congressmen including Tom Cotton’s claims against Islamic Republic.

The comments of the American sponsors of the MKO always includes comments on behalf of Israel as their close friend against Iranian government.

According to the senators cited in the MKO websites Iran is a threat to “Israel’s existence”. The alliance of the MKO and Israel is not only shown in the group’s propaganda but also there have been a functional cooperation between Israeli Intelligence Service Mossad and the MKO’s operative agents. In 2012, NBCNews reported that Israel financed, trained and armed the MKO to carry out the deadly attacks on Iranian nuclear scientists. According to NBCnews, the Israeli secret service trained MEK members in Israel on the use of motorcycles and small bombs.

As the MKO’s large-scale propaganda on the Iranian nuclear program failed to obstruct a deal between Iran and the West, the group’s propaganda has also focused on presidential candidates of the Republican Party of the United States who exclusively oppose Iran and the nuke deal. The group tries to assure its audience that “the nuclear deal debate in the Congress is not done at all!”

The MKO’s panic of a normalized Iran-US relation is evident in its propaganda media. While the American democrats blocked the effort to kill the Iran nuclear deal, the MKO has to reinforce its links with the US Zionist warmongers and Israel in order to survive the deal.

By Mazda Parsi, 

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