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Iranian leaders to be savaged by dead sheep

There is an expression in English which wonderfully describes the totally ineffectual attack by a impotent enemy. We say it is like being savaged by a dead sheep.

Raymond Tanter, without further explanation, is quoted in an article (http://metimes.com/articles/normal.php?StoryID=20060823-085142-7397r)

about Iran’s nuclear programme, saying "that legitimizing the MeK will rattle the saber of regime change over Tehran’s head enough to send a stern message to Tehran."

When you stop laughing at this long enough, you will appreciate how apt the saying is.

The MeK ‘threat’ is an ageing – average age around 50 years – and disillusioned group of slaves numbering less than 3,000, who have been camped out in the Iraqi desert for over two decades and who are now waiting to be rescued from the cult. Nobody knows this better than the Islamic Republic of Iran itself.

Isn’t it about time this particular dead sheep [the MeK] was well and truly buried and the leaders brought to justice for war crimes and crimes against humanity.


Original Source: Middle East Times

Commentary: New Middle East realities

Claude Salhani


August 23, 2006

Iran-Interlink, August 31, 2006

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