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Another Part of Tanter’s Background

In Yossi Melman’s article, published in Israeli newspaper Haaretz, part of the records of Raymond Tanter- as the main supporter of MKO in the U.S.- has been exposed:

"Tanter, 67, is considered a genius in international relations. At the age of 25, he completed his doctorate at the University of Indiana. He belongs to the school that introduced the use of mathematical models and quantitative studies in international relations. He has taught at top American universities, and in 1974 he spent his sabbatical at Hebrew University’s Institute for International Relations (in the interest of proper disclosure, I was his student at the time.)

Between one academic job and the next, Tanter filled several positions in the White House and the Pentagon, mainly during Ronald Reagan’s presidency. For two years (1981-1982) he was a member of the National Security Council, in charge of Libya and Lebanon (among his other assignments, Tanter followed Israeli policy which led to the invasion at the time.) He is identified with the Republican Party and has for the most part held conservative opinions. In his opinion, however, President George W. Bush’s administration is not sufficiently conservative."

This much of his records, and his support for the terrorist organization of MKO, is enough to understand how anti-people the MKO is.

For more information, we can point to his mission on using the Contras (similar to his opinions on using the MKO).

However, the most important issue in his case is that despite all Melman’s complements about him, Tanter is so discredited that he’s currently acting as an agent of the MKO.

Irandidban  – 2006/12/25

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