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Open Letter to Raymond Tanter on His Siding with Terrorists

Dear Raymond Tanter,

As people say, the truth will out. That is to say, there will come the day when your real intention behind supporting Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) isMojahedin. ws brought to light. It appears that the main goal behind your advocating of MKO is to bring democratic change in Iran through recognition of the organization as the sole legitimate, pro-democratic alternative. You know, as we believe, that the very made claims proves no legitimacy since there are costs to be paid. In the same way that costs work to ascertain any legitimacy, they can discriminate between the intentions of good or evil.

The current terrorist operations in Iran, allegedly masterminded and carried out to change situation in Iran, is of the type that can well decide the accuracy of your claims concerning the establishment of democratic change. Reportedly, an Iranian opposition identified as the Kingdom Assembly of Iran claimed responsibility for Shiraz Mosque attack on April 12 killing a number of innocent civilians. The operation was in many ways similar to those perpetrated by terrorist MKO. Surprisingly, the group’s issued statement claiming responsibility for the attack was identical with those issued by MKO. It seems that these operations, occurring concurrently with your attempts to take MKO out of terrorist lists, induces you to feel under obligation to take a clear position for or against such terrorist activities that will help best explain the real intention of supporting MKO.

Such acts of violence, regardless of imposing heavy costs on Iranian people, have the merit of challenging your siding with a party in general. No doubt, MKO and its advocates’ meaningful silence over the Kingdom Assembly’s terrorist assault have to be justifiably explained for the Iran Policy Committee and whoever struggles for a free, democratic Iran. Otherwise, there would be assumptions that your passivity in taking any position means a contradictory-nature approval of terrorism for a democratic cause.

In many occasions through the past three decades, you approved MKO’s terrorist deeds against Iranian people referring to them as ‘legitimate defense’ long after the group had ceased terrorist activities. Now it is different since MKO and you insist to be pro-democratic and logically, you have to take a clear position in the face of terrorism and the Kingdom Assembly’s terrorist operation in particular to prove sincerity of the claims.

There is also a supposition that you back up MKO seeing as its militarism potentialities have reached a stalemate which would be regenerated being removed from the terrorist list. The supposition emerges to be closer to truth when one sees you move to acquit Mojahedin of terrorist atrocities they themselves have accepted the responsibility of perpetration. Furthermore, you prefer to remain silent over a bloody terrorist deed committed by a similar group. It would not be improbable that you take a siding of supporting the Kingdom Assembly of Iran as well.

A point to be noted, MKO has repeatedly announced political illegitimacy of Monarchist groups and slams their political activities as opposition. The group has also discarded these groups having any share in NCRI’s interim government and believes they are close accomplices to the Islamic Republic ruling. Surprisingly, the proven fact is that in the present critical conjuncture there has developed an alliance among MKO, the Monarchist groups and you as their advocates notwithstanding all pretentions of disagreement. Naturally, the best taken strategy at the present would be to keep silent for fulfilling the greater cause of regime change in Iran. It is even probable that you stand up for any military and terrorist stratagem against Iran which might explain in reaching out for any reason why a blacklisted terrorist group is taken for a pro-democratic group.

Dear Raymond Tanter,

For sure, what might happen in future fails to be the outcome of some imposed wills and that is too appealing that no fate is sealed. In the course of events curtains may fall to reveal truths and dreamers will be the real losers. Now there is an opportunity, in spite of being a condemned tragedy that has touched all men’s consciences, that helps to assay sincerity of claims that have become confusing by your supporting MKO. For the cause of your obligation to moral-political considerations be sure of the propriety of an appropriate position taking and give priority to your political prestige and stature over any supposed political interests.

Yours Sincerely,


May, 2008


Lord Corbett of Castle Vale

Mr. Paulo Casaca

Mojahedin.ws – May 29, 2008

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