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EU faces test of its stance on terrorism

The MKO is lobbying Western politicians to lure the European Union into removing the group from the list of terrorist organizations.

The Euronews reported on Saturday that an EU review of the list of terrorist organizations next month could give the Mujahedeen Khalq Organization (MKO) carte blanche to operate inside the bloc. The MKO is blacklisted by many countries including EU member states as a terrorist organization.

The group has so far claimed responsibility for several terror attacks inside Iran and some reports and Iraqi figures say it had been involved in the massacre of Iraqis under Saddam’s regime.

On May 7, a British court of appeal ruled that outlawing the group in 2002 was wrong. The group has so far lobbied some politicians to convince them to push for the removal of the MKO form the EU blacklist.

Besides its involvement in terrorist activities, many believe that the organization’s leaders have set up a cult of personality ‘which brainwashes its supporters’.

In 2003 French officials arrested dozens of MKO members over their involvement in financing and planning terrorist attack.

The group then encouraged its supporters to torch themselves in the streets of Paris to force the French authorities into reversing their decision.

Presstv – May 31, 2008

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