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Confessions of Raymond Tanter

Confessions of Raymond Tanter: The Web of Neo-conservative (Neo-Trotskyite) Lies

"A few months ago, Irandidban.com reported of the gathering of Baath remnants in Camp Ashraf and that they had shouted slogans in favor of Saddam and against the government of Iraq."

The web of war lies continues to grow:

1. Professor Raymond Tanter’s name appears on the list of scholars and fellows of the Iran Policy Committee (IPC):

Clare M. Lopez, Executive Director

Major General Paul E. Vallely, USA (Ret.)

Professor Raymond Tanter, Former Senior Staff Member, National Security Council

Lt. General Edward Rowny, USA (Ret.)

Captain Charles T. "Chuck" Nash, USN (Ret.)

Lt. General Thomas McInerney USAF, (Ret.)

Bruce McColm, President Institute for Democratic Strategies

Lt. Col. Bill Cowan, USMC (Ret.)

James Akins, Ambassador (Ret.)

2. The Iran Policy Committee describes itself as:

Iran Policy Committee (IPC) is comprised of former officials from the White House, State Department, Pentagon, intelligence agencies, and experts from think tanks and universities.

The Executive Director is described as a former employee of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

3. The Iran Policy Committee does not disclose at its Web site its sources of funding.

4. The Iran Policy Committee is a strong supporter of the Iranian Communist MEK (Rajavi Cult or Pol Pot of Iran). See its posted white paper (a white washing of the atrocities of this cult):

US Policy Options for Iran and Iranian Political Opposition, Sept 13, 2005

The MEK murdered American military officers and Rockwell International employees in Iran. The MEK demanded the executions of American hostages at the American Embassy in Tehran, Iran. Fortunately, supporters of an Islamic Republic of Iran were able to defeat the supporters of the MEK in 1981. If the MEK had won in 1981, there could still be a Soviet Union today. Saddam Hussein provided millions of dollars of support plus military camps and heavy military equipment to the MEK so that the MEK would commit atrocities against the Iraqi people. In September 2002, President Bush’s background paper for his remarks at the United Nations listed the MEK as one of three Saddam Hussein-supported terrorist groups operating in Iraq. Al-Qaeda was NOT on his list. The MEK was a pretext for America’s invasion of Iraq.

5. Some of these scholars and fellows have appeared many times on the Fox News Channel. Many Republican and conservative viewers are so stupid that they do not understand that neo-conservative (neo-Trotskyite) supporters of the MEK are supporting the communist takeover of Iran by the "Pol Pot of Iran".

6. In 2003, American and coalition forces attacked Camp Ashraf, Iraq and killed some of the MEK members.

7. Then, the American Army protected the MEK from Iraqi Kurds and other Iraqis who suffered terrible atrocities committed by the MEK.

8. The American Army permitted the red, communist flag of the MEK to continue flying at Camp Ashraf, Iraq.

9. In 2006, a small unit of military guards from Bulgaria became responsible for watching the MEK at Camp Ashraf, Iraq.

10. As noted correctly by Iran Didban, anyone who has an international satellite dish capable of receiving Persian language television programs can watch MEK television programs. The MEK has shown many times Iraqis who attended events at Camp Ashraf, Iraq.

Confused by the neoconservative web of lies?

Admirers of Trotsky have infiltrated the Democratic and Republican parties of America to the extent that millions of Republicans and conservatives have been duped. These neo-conservatives support the Iranian Communist MEK (Rajavi Cult or Pol Pot of Iran). However, President Bush’s 2002 background paper for his United Nations remarks mentioned the MEK as one of Saddam Hussein’s supported terrorist organizations. In 2003, American and coalition forces attacked the MEK’s Camp Ashraf, Iraq and killed some MEK members. Then, the American military protected the MEK from being attacked by Iraqi Kurds in retaliation for the 1991 MEK atrocities committed against Iraqi Kurds. In 2006, the MEK can show on its television station events at Camp Ashraf, Iraq including Iraqis who are enemies of the American military in Iraq.

America’s worst enemies are not in the Middle East. America’s worst enemies are in America: the neo-conservatives (neo-Trotskyites) and the dupes who support them. America should not support endless neoconservative wars to enrich neoconservative supporters.

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