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I am Raymond Tanter’s wife and I would like to make a statement

Constance Andresen-Tanter Comments: (…I am banned from going to my dear friends at Alban Towers since he made a point to keep me isolated from family friends and living in fear of my very well being and life…..One might ask who’s spell is he under. Alireza took my place as Raymond’s wife…..or at least he took my home space and life….)

 Michigan daily, August 09, 2007




Professor Raymond Tanter, Iran Policy Committee, Women’s Rights, and the MEK


Paul Sheldon Foote



August 9, 2007

Constance Andresen-Tanter has posted her comments on the November 30, 2006 incident at the University of Michigan sparked by Professor Raymond Tanter’s speech promoting the Iranian Communist MEK (MKO, PMOI, NCRI, Rajavi Cult, or Pol Pot of Iran) terrorists. She has worked for the Iran Policy Committee. She is available as a speaker, talk show guest, or as an article or book author (attention: literary agents and publishers). You may telephone Constance at: (212) 920-7748.


For additional details on the incident at the University of Michigan and on the arrests of opponents of the MEK terrorists, see:




Constance Andresen-Tanter posted her comments today at the Michigan Daily’s Web site:


posted 8/09/07 @ 11:49 AM EST


I am Raymond Tanter’s wife and I would like to make a statement. I married Raymond Tanter May 14. 1999 being a widow living in New York City. I was innoncent to what his work was about but he asked me to become his research assistant and help him promote his work, in fact many letters are written on Georgetown Letterhead how I helped him, how he benefited from my work…I traveled to France London, walked the Halls of Congress promoted what I thought was the Freedom for Women of Iran and all around the globe.


Raymond and I traveled the globe together working in Vienna, etc. and I attending events at the State Dept. and other places helping him as his wife. I hosted parties for him in our Trump Tower apartment…I got him speaking engagements, at the WNRC in NYC, at the BEST social clubs in New York and elsewhere…. I took him to my clubs and gave him my apt NYC ….now I find myself homeless, yes he locked me out of our apartment in ALBAN TOWERS in Washington DC he keeps two not one apartment for himself. He will not pay my dental bills, eye glasses or other medical emergencies. I AM in shock with threats to eliminate me and most of the information is in HOUSING COURT where Raymond Tanter fails to pay on one of our three apartments to make me homeless….he did this in SEPT 2006 the month my mother died after have her in 4 hospitals in 32 days. He threatend that if I did not sign off the lease and perhaps giving up my condo marital rights of the other apt. 507 which he used to work with IPC MEMBERS AND ALIREZA displaces me into another unit that they and yes I say they because they all knew he was making me homeless for no reason……..He apparently is now married to the to the

MEK……I am now in court but awaiting court orders. Raymond got into clubs in Washington using my social clubs as his which is untrue, he was never a member of those clubs,,,,then he refused to pay my bills since I could live there…He used my friends, many of high circles including their money in the hundreds of thousands of dollars…..he also took generals and their wives to Paris leaving me homeless with 13 cents in my pocket and without the good church I would be hungry….I worked years for him and am in the process of suing for my promised wages by my attorney.. and Raymond still is living the high life…..fooling many….However I married him as a widow former widow of a Wall Street MNYSE…a man of great character….I thought Raymond was a good man but he fooled me ..he still keeps a checkbook with his former lover in Ann Arbor MI Mia Saverino….some friends of Ann Arbor have come to me and said they are not supprised ….. have missing funds from my deceased husband’s life insurance and well I can tell you this because all you have to do is go to DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA HOUSING COURT FIRST IN ARSCHSTONE SMITH V. CONSTANCE AND RAYMOND TANTER…YES Raymond went to housing court refusing to pay rent on our extended apartment to make me homeless when I would not sign off units he now holds,,,,because I believe of the condo rights status,,,,since we moved into unit 507 in June of 2001…..which give lots of value should the ARSCHSTONE DEAL GO THREW the largest private equity deal in the UNITED STATES HISTORY……so you see Tanter is not a nice man…he speaks of women’s rights but he has made his former researh assistant and partner and friend…..homeless after he took all he could get out of me…I pray for his soul daily, because I thought married a good Christian. I have many Jews as friends, Muslims, all faiths…I am white and I recently noticed that Raymond an African American never has even one African American intern or any African American around him.


We had a good marriage I thought and he whispered much in my ear of love and committement and never abandoning me……he whispered much of his internal work and clearly involved me…My photos and media is all over Europe. and in Iran…I still believe one thing…..all people have the right to be free…


Raymond Tanter abuses his own wife…..so perhaps you might want my story how the once happy man I married , we danced at balls, and were friends on the tennis court and went to church and were happy….I was promoting his books and his works and the works of his friends….now I have no idea who he is..>I have been told I am a Mortal Threat but what human being makes a wife homeless stealing not one but two apartments….my clothes my life are in storage….Jack Andresen I married before had an Uncle in Congress for 34 years, his other Uncle Andrew Fleischer invented the blood pressure machine and his other Uncle was Arschbishop Raymond Ettelldorf of the Vatican in Rome.


I am banned from going to my dear friends at Alban Towers since he made a point to keep me isolated from family friends and living in fear of my very well being and life…..One might ask who ‘s spell is he under. Alireza took my place as Raymond’s wife…..or at least he took my home space and life….I met Alireza’s family and I liked them…I was kind to all and well now that watch me being abused and threatened and do nothing…Do the Generals know who are on the board that Raymond is doing all of this…I think not..They took their wives on thousands of dollars to a trip to Paris…I was in Paris in June of 2004 as Raymond asked me to speak and I even introduced Dick Armey….I thought this group was for the rights of women and democracy….but if that is true then why are they helping do this to me….Calls should be made on this issue and I am taking interview so when you email me identify yourself I am looking for a literary agent at this time….My story is inside the box and it needs to be told…>I loved Raymond when I married him…he apparently had other motives for marrying me……….I pray for Peace and love for all people in our world…I pray that all get to speak when they wish to do so..Last July 25 2007 a man was kept from speaking in the Caucus Room at Cannon Building because Raymond did not wish him to…My hand was ignored when raised….I will not be ignored, threatened by death threats or discredited I will fight back for my rights and for my property……I would hope someone out there will listen. The public record of the divorce is Tanter v. Tanter in DC depositions are public record and of course. I am exhausted but people need to know first hand……I am an abused wife….17 years younger of Raymond and I tried to get him to speak with our Minister he would not…….I wonder has he become a member of another religion? thanks and God Bless our World.



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