Raymond Tanter spoke of MKO’s interference in Iraq’s internal affairs

Raymond Tanter, bankrupt republican and arms dealer who sells weapons to mercenary groups, talking on the issue of situation in Iraq to Al-Jazeera last night, overtly spoke of MKO’s interferences in Iraq’s internal affairs.

A supporter of MKO, Tanter has repeatedly asked the US government to use the terrorist group as leverage against Iran. On MKO’s ties with remnants of Saddam, he said:

“The US should strongly support Sunnis (read the very terrorists who conduct terrorist operations against the Iraqi government). They have common interests with the Iranian opposition”.

Tanter’s comments are a reaction to recent revelations on the relationship between the MKO and terrorists in Dyala and also remnants of Saddam Hussein.

MKO spokespersons also have tried to decrease the effects of these revelations, denying the accusations in a naïve way (despite all reports broadcast by MKO’s own TV channel).

A few months ago, Irandidban reported of the gathering of Baath remnants in Camp Ashraf and that they had shouted slogans in favor of Saddam and against the government of Iraq.


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