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People Caught in Hallucination

I believe that hallucination not only might have destructive effects on the people who suffer from it but also on whom they have contact with. It is no problem so far as the harm affects the individuals themselves. It turns into a predicament when they start to prescribe a malady to get over another complaint.

The ruling by European Court of First Instance was not a verdict against listing MKO as a terrorist organization, as the group publicizes it. Let them think so. Does it change anything? The world was, and is, well aware of the innate violent nature of MKO when it was put on the list for certain reasons; people hardly leash a dog unless they develop the idea that it might attack others.

The parliamentarian advocates of MKO are not, no doubt, nai’ve about the violent nature of the group and the reasons that led it onto the black list of the proscribed terrorists. Few of them, for certain political, or maybe personal, reasons prefer to close their eyes on reality for the time being. The main issue for them is to deal with Iran utilizing some kind of leverage of pressure, which in this case they have mistakenly concluded to be MKO.

The NCRI’s site reported that in a press conference at the European Parliament on December 12, Mr. Alejo Vidal Quadras, First Vice-president of the European Parliament welcomed the ruling by European Court of First Instance against listing MKO as a terrorist organization. In his mad speech, Mr. Vidal Quadras is quoted to have stated:

In my view, the European Union should change its approach to Iran. The most striking aspect of this change should be in our approach to the Iranian opposition movement, the National Council of Resistance of Iran and the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran.

EU should engage in dialogue and cooperation with the National Council of Resistance of Iran. The EPP-ED group invitation to Mrs. Rajavi is a move in this direction. We should send a clear message to Ahamadinejad “

Does this message indicate that these parliamentarians have developed the idea that Mojahedin are non-violent, democratic people? The invitation to Mrs. Rajavi serves more as to "send a clear message", or better to say a threat, to Iran. I believe both MKO and these parliamentarians are under the influence of some hallucination, especially the latter that might ascribe significant weight to the former. What do you think? 

A. Afshar – December 21, 2006

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