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MKO still qualified to be on the list

According to Brian Adeba’s account published in NEWS STORY, MKO activists in Canada intended to follow the same action they took to the European court. It states that a Canadian lawyer, Warren Creates, an Ottawa-based lawyer who has represented the group and its sympathizers for seven years, is considering challenging the decision that placed The People’s Mujahedeen on the Canadian list in May 2005.

Last month, the Canadian government reviewed the group and found that it still qualified to be on the list of terrorist organizations banned in Canada, said Philip McLinton, a spokesman from the Department of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness.

"It’s according to the criteria [in the Criminal Code] and intelligence received that this assessment was conducted," said Mr. McLinton. However, he said under Canada’s laws, any group listed on the terror watch list can appeal the decision, but added that the department hasn’t received any such request from the People’s Mujahedeen.

Three years ago, the group attracted media attention in Canada when a 26-year-old Iranian-Canadian committed suicide by setting herself on fire outside the French embassy in London, UK. Neda Hassani, a computer sciences student at Carleton University, was protesting the arrest of Maryam Rajavi, the president of the People’s Mujahedeen.

mojahedin.ws –  21/12/2006

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